April 24th, 2016


Primary adventures

Church was an adventure today. I nearly had a heart attack in Sacrament Meeting, because I was sitting on the stand (as usual, since I'm the organist) and noticing that, while there weren't that many visitors, they all seemed to have children that looked to be about three years old. And I teach the three-year-olds. And what with all the adventures this last week, I was feeling woefully unprepared. So it just figures that the week I feel the least prepared is the week everyone decides to go to Disneyland with their three-year-olds and also come to church on Sunday. And that's my excuse for why I messed up on the choir accompaniment, but that's okay because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who noticed. (Except for perhaps the bishop, who happened to be directly in my line of sight during the choir number, and he may or may not have twitched at one point when I made an especially discordant mistake...)

Anyway, either I misjudged the ages of all those kids, or none of their families stayed for the rest of church, because only one visitor showed up to my class. She was very shy and there was a bit of bad timing involved, because one of the regular Sunbeams had been giving us trouble the last several weeks, in that he would cry inconsolably until a grownup couldn't handle it any more and he was taken to the Nursery. This always frustrated me, because with all the children I've dealt with, I've fought many a battle of wills, and I was confident I could win this one, too, if they'd just give me a chance. So when his mother brought him to class, I said I needed to talk to him. Of course he didn't want to talk, so he went all limp and tried to wriggle his way out of the discussion (literally, I mean; he was physically wriggling to get out of my arms), but this was important and I needed him to look me in the eye, so I was grabbing his head and turning it to face me and talking to him in a stern voice...all while this very shy visitor and her mother watched. The mom said, "I'm just gonna take her for a little walk," and I never saw either of them again. I promise I'm not a mean teacher, visitor mom! It was just a situation that needed to be dealt with.

On the bright side, although he did wail through the majority of class (and try to disrupt things by pulling on other kids' chairs from his position sprawled out on the floor), when we started pretending to be bees (the lesson was on birds and creeping things), he couldn't keep the act up any longer, and he started happily pretending to be Raymond. I don't know exactly who Raymond is, but based on when his older brother was in my class, I think he's the hero of some smartphone game. But the point is, he was smiling and laughing with all the other kids, so the story had a happy ending.

Then it was time for Sharing Time and Singing Time, and everything fell apart with all the other kids, to the point where Athena wasn't going to let them play with the handbells (which was their reward for being good during Singing Time). But when faced with that prospect, they were all very sad, so Athena gave them a chance to redeem themselves, and they did okay, so Athena figured okay, fine. But they played "Stand for the Right" on the bells and it was quite lovely.

And now we are home and we've eaten dinner, and we plan to bake some lemon white chocolate chip cookies, so we're pretty sure it will be a good day. Tomorrow...we go back to the dentist.

Today I'm thankful for hopefully conquering that kid's crying problem, having lemon white chocolate chip cookies to look forward to, getting to show our photo book to our friends at church, having big(gish) Kingdom Hearts plans tomorrow, and having plans to watch Road Chip.