April 23rd, 2016


Being mildly irresponsible

This whole dental adventure has us feeling mildly self-destructive. Like, really mild. And mostly in defiance of the "we're never going to be able to afford anything ever again" theory. It's like, "We can't afford anything! Ever! And the cookie dough's not on sale! Who cares, I'm buying it anyway!" It's all kind of a vicious cycle, because if we weren't faced with all this dental work, we wouldn't be so stressed out that we feel the need to stock up on cookies, and we also would have more money with which to stock up on cookies...which we would still want, but we'd have a greater capacity to go without them. We're actually not stress eaters when things are super stressful, but when they're somewhat stressful and require exerting a lot of energy, once things settle down we want sugar to cheer ourselves up.

The other thing we want to do when stressed out is hide away and play video games nonstop. So even though we have been making sure to be responsible and get some work done (in the hopes of being able to afford things at some point), we're also making it a point to not work overtime. (One of the biggest stressors of this whole thing is the idea that we really can afford it, but we miiiiight have to keep working nonstop overtime in order to do so. And the thought of that makes my chest hurt.)

But the point is, we've been playing Labyrinth of Andersen. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for having lemon white chocolate chip cookie dough, pudding being on sale (I know that at some point in this whole dental adventure we're going to need pudding, and I also know I would have liked to have some on Monday when it all started because I was starving (we missed breakfast and lunch thanks to stupid logistics) but I was afraid to chew on anything; also, I really like pudding), dental adventures giving us an excuse to buy pudding, the neighborhood black cat not being afraid to come back and visit even after Athena snapped at it the other day, and the fact that I think I succeeded in making that summary at least a little funny in some places.