April 14th, 2016


This, that, and the other thing

Well, we've just finished our first translation that's due at the end of the month, so the logical next step would be to start on the other translation that's due at the end of the month. Unfortunately, we don't have the book to translate, and when I mentioned it to our editor there seemed to be no acknowledgment. So we decided we'd rather take matters into our own hands and make a manga order. But now we're faced with a bit of a dilemma, because manga is best ordered...not necessarily in bulk, but lots of volumes at a time. And we're sure there's some series out there we need to check out, or ones we started and wanted the continuation of, but everything's been so hectic, we can't remember! So if anybody has any idea what we wanted to read, or has an idea of something they'd like us to read, now's your chance to let us know!

In other news...well, work's been nice and easygoing, which is good, because my tooth has been bothering me, and according to my very brief internet research, there is a possibility that I need a root canal. I'm reeeeeeally hoping that I don't, and when I called to make an appointment at a local dentist's office, the woman who made the appointment didn't seem to think it was important that I get in to see him RIGHT NOW, even though she asked if I was in pain (I guess that's standard when someone calls for the first time--you're a new patient which means you're calling because you have been forced to realize that you need a dentist), I said yes but it was mild. So I could have gone in today, but we figured it would be a good idea if we could both see the dentist at the same time, since we know we both have cavities, and so instead we made two appointments for Monday. Here's hoping the nerve in my tooth doesn't die in the meantime.

In happier news, we got our photo book! It's so nice and pretty--even prettier than it looked when we were designing it! Our concerns about picture size turned out to be valid, but I think for the most part we arranged things so you can see the important things well enough. It's kind of hard for us to deal with this sort of thing, because when we take notes, we use tiny handwriting, so we're used to things being small, and when people start complaining about things being too small to see, we don't think we can judge things properly. (To give you an idea, when we watch General Conference, we take notes in wide ruled notebooks, and Athena can fit up to four rows of text before she has to go to the next line (and still read it). She says her pen just doesn't have a fine enough tip to get it any smaller.)

But the point is, yes, we would definitely make another photo book if we had anything to document! This time, now that we have it, we look back and think, "Hmm, maybe if we'd gone with a different layout, we could have made the pictures bigger..." But it's okay; we have all of the pictures on the computer. And it's really nice to have a book you can just pull out and leaf through. Ah, memories.

Today I'm thankful for friendly dentist receptionists, finishing our translation of Livingstone today, finishing work early, having an excuse to order more manga, and our photo book being even more beautiful than we thought it would be.