April 7th, 2016


Chained to Unchained

Today we have been faced with a dangerous temptation. Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi was released for mobile devices in North America. We didn't want to play it at first, because we'd already played through so much of chained Chi and it had become such a major time sink for us, and to play Unchained Chi, we'd have to play it in English, and that thought was significantly less than appealing. I mean, it was bad enough when we had gone and gotten ourselves used to playing games in Japanese, but then we started playing games in English again and now we're even more averse to it.

Nevertheless, we are loyal Kingdom Hearts fans, and the North American Square-Enix site kept having messages from Tetsuya Nomura, including one with an original sketch that had a character we didn't recognize! Aaaahhh! And they kept saying remember, it connects to II.8 which will seriously connect to Kingdom Hearts III and remember this game connects to II.8, do not forget that. So we were like okay, okay, we get it. We can at least play through the story and if we don't let all the events suck us in, it wouldn't be a black hole for our time or anything, right?

So three hours after we downloaded it we finally decided to take a break after my stomach wouldn't stop grumbling for like...I don't know, half an hour or so.

The thing is, the gameplay is different enough from Kingdom Hearts Chi that it's interesting again, and the dialogue is brief enough that it doesn't bother us too much. Actually, the translator is definitely making an effort to match the character voices, but also took a while to figure out how exactly it is that spoonerisms work. So we thought, well, we'll just play through the story until we run out of points and have to stop...but the story quests so far aren't taking enough points for that to happen before we level up and our points fill up again. And I thought that's okay, surely there's some point in this game where the game tells you no, you can't go on until you make it to such-and-such level. But when you do a quest, you always take a friend along with you, and you summon them and they attack for you, and I summoned a guy once who had the keyblade from Agrabah, which means he got all the way through three different worlds.

It occurs to me just now that one of the reasons there would be a break between story parts when we were playing the original Chi is that they hadn't developed that part of the story yet. That is clearly not a problem this time around. Hrrrrrrm.

We think it will be okay as long as we set strict guidelines for ourselves on how long and how frequently we're allowed to play, but that doesn't answer the question of whether or not we're willing to waste the rest of our time on it today. ...I think we probably are, but we miiiiiight read some manga first.

Incidentally, another thing they keep pointing out about the game is that it's the very beginning of the Kingdom Hearts chronology, so you can play it without any former Kingdom Hearts knowledge! We haven't formed a party yet, but in case anybody wants to play and join ours, we're in the Vulpes Union.

Today I'm thankful for hope that we can get these extra Kingdom Hearts story bits without it being torture (if it were torture, it would be time to give up Kingdom Hearts, and that thought is very sad), Good Thins snack cracker chip things, the lovely rainy weather we have today, the extra two pages on UQ Holder! not being too text heavy, and plans to really have drinking chocolate for real this time tonight.