April 5th, 2016


Vacation day two

Day Two of vacation and we're kind of freaking out about all the stuff we want to do but aren't sure we have time for. In fact, we're pretty sure we don't have time for it. And all we can do about it is just keep moving forward and hope for the best.

In the meantime, we have various thoughts going on, the most important of which I keep remembering and then forgetting and then remembering again, and it's that oh my goodness the creator of Your Lie In April is going to be at Anime Expo! I don't believe it! All this time we've spent translating manga, and for the first time ever, the creator of something we translated is going to be at Anime Expo and we might get to meet him! ...Okay, so we did get to meet the creator of Higurashi: When They Cry last year, but we translated the manga, not the original work. But we did get to talk to him in the food court, so maybe I should not discount that experience. And I will say for the second time ever! We might get to meet the creator of something we translated! We won't worry about cosplay this time, though, because there aren't really any good Your Lie In April characters for us to cosplay.

Another thought is annoyance at Viz, because about a year ago there was a recap episode of Sailor Moon, and they aired it all by itself instead of having two episodes like they've done every other week. That meant that the numbers were off, but we thought for sure they would fix it by the time they got to the end. Everybody knows Sailor Moon is 200 episodes long, so you have to end it on an even number. We thought they would show just one episode one week, or maybe do something really nice and show three, and that way we'd be back on track to show the last two episodes together.

So last night, we watched episodes 198 and 199. And next week, they will show the last episode all by itself, which is so silly because it's so much better to end the series in a nice big chunk. Nevertheless, we did end up watching three episodes of Sailor Moon last night, because the new season of Crystal just started! Woo. It was more like a half of an episode, with a bunch of transformation sequences. The transformation sequences are what really make me wonder why bother with a remake? The first series' transformations were so perfect! If they were going to remake it anyway, I wish they'd done something completely different instead of just tweaking the original ones. Ah well. I agree that, a half-episode of nothing but transformation sequences aside, this season is a little more promising than the rest of the series. But mostly we just want them to get to the Dead Moon Circus stuff so we can see who will play the Amazon Trio and Pegasus.

And finally, the very first, ultra-beginner level project on the loom is a striped scarf, where there's more of one color than the other. The colors we have a lemon grass and boysenberry, so we're taking a survey to see if anyone has any idea which way it would look better--more lemon grass, or more boysenberry? Athena's mostly leaning toward boysenberry (so it would be a boysenberry/lemon grass check pattern most of the time, but with stripes of all boysenberry (lengthwise); the other option would be to have striped of all lemon grass), but she might be persuaded.

Today I'm thankful for the super cute little skeins of yarn that came with the loom, still having plenty of time today, ice cream being on sale at the grocery store, getting to read the latest Skip Beat! (this wasn't the most intense volume, but man I wish there were more of it!), realizing that "weft" may or may not be related to the past tense of "weave" (like "left" and "bereft" and "cleft"), and for the second time ever maybe being able to meet someone whose work we translated.