April 4th, 2016


Our first day of vacation

Well, it looks like the verdict on the Shutterfly experiment is sure, why not just use it. But it also looks like you have to have a Shutterfly account in order to comment on each picture, so I think the best way to deal with that is to post small batches, and that way if anybody has anything to say, they can just do it here on LJ. Does that sound like a plan? There will probably be more pictures in the near future, but we're still deliberating about things.

Anyway, today was supposed to be the day of doing chores, in preparing for taking it easy for the rest of the week. That's not exactly what happened, because! the agency that keeps asking us to do boring legal translation found us again. It's uncanny; they seem to always know when we're taking time off. On the other hand, if they got us when we were busy with something else, it's not like that would be much better. Fortunately, the work was minimal, so I translated while Athena worked on the photo book that we're still determined to finish. I mean, sure it's more efficient to just send everybody to a website, but we still think it would be nice to have a physical copy of some of our pictures.

And we did get the chores done! Tadah! But we didn't go grocery shopping, so we'll still have to do that tomorrow, and that means we'll have to wait to try the drinking chocolate that Gaston brought us several weeks ago. I feel like we're terrible friends, because I only just realized that when somebody gives you food as a gift, you're supposed to try it right away so you can tell them how you like it. But no, we just think, "Ooh, this will be awesome to drink someday!" and put it away for the unforeseeable future. But not anymore! We're going to buy some milk tomorrow, and we're gonna try it! (In our defense, we still have a ton of stuff we bought for ourselves that we haven't been able to enjoy yet, like the boysenberry honey we bought at Knott's Berry Farm in December.)

And speaking of such things! We did try some of the maple sugar candy that lyschan bought us yesterday, and oh my goodness, it's soooooo good! They're like sugar cubes, only shaped like maple leaves and made with maple sugar instead of white (cane?) sugar. For the sake of our teeth, we stopped after only three each, so we have plenty left, but I'm already sad to think of it being gone. On the other hand, we still have plenty left before that happens! We also have plans to maybe drop one into a cup of drinking chocolate and see how that goes. I wonder if regular hot chocolate would be better for that... Hmm... We have options, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for getting to try some delicious maple sugar candy, getting the chores done (except for grocery shopping), having a lovely time talking to our little sister who called this morning, making a little progress on the photo book, and having the rest of the week ahead of us for relaxing (and grocery shopping).