March 30th, 2016


Devil Survivor volume 4

As expected, the edit on this volume of Noragami wasn't as easy as the first draft. It's really not that bad, but since we're crunched for time, it crunches our souls. On the bright side, we're learning some pretty neat stuff about kanji!

But enough about that! Today is Review Rednesday! And it looks like we had some great new stuff come out this week--My Little Monster and...well, gosh, I was sure there was something. But it doesn't matter anyway, because--Your Lie in April! That's what it was! But it doesn't matter anyway, because we still have some stuff from last week to review. And for today, I think that stuff will be Devil Survivor. Spoiler level: moderate.

Collapse )

Wow, that review was a fun read! (It's such a reviewy Review Rednesday that I'm even reviewing our review!)

Today I'm thankful for chocolate being on sale at the grocery store (part of why we still have work left to do today: we took time out to go grocery shopping), our regular edition of Noragami 16 arriving today (maybe now we can get more behind-the-scenes trivia! (the text in the cover flap is different for the different editions, we discovered)), getting a shipping confirmation for the book on weaving that we ordered, getting to learn some really neat stuff about kanji, and having the self-control to not eat the whole giant bag of Reese's Pieces last night.