March 24th, 2016


We need a vacation

Kodansha USA has been announcing new titles up the wazoo this week! Man! And we just keep thinking, "No! Stop! Don't license anything else until we have time and energy again!" On the other hand, they might have translators for all these things already, which would be great, especially for those translators, but we wanna translate all the manga! We also really, really don't. We're so conflicted lately. All we need is a vacation! ...A vacation that doesn't involve coming back to twice the amount of work. Aaaah, good times.

Anyway, speaking of vacations! We had kind of an odd work situation this week, in that we were working on this project that needs to be translated and then "reviewed" (also known as "edited"). The people in charge want only one person to do the reviewing, so Athena did some of the translating and I did all of the reviewing, and that meant that Athena had a whole day to find something else to do while I worked.

Fortunately(?), yesterday Shutterfly sent us an email letting us know that our photo book was finished! Tadah! So we looked at it...and were like, "No, no, no." We didn't like the way the pictures were organized at all, and it kind of makes sense that that would happen, because it's not like the graphic designers had any clue what was going on in those pictures...except for the pictures themselves, which they say are worth a thousand words, but maybe not. I mean, just because one picture is clearly of the Arabian Coast and another picture is clearly of the American Waterfront, they're also both clearly of DisneySea, so who's to say they don't go together?

Anyway, the point is, we wanted to rearrange the whole thing. So that's what Athena was working on all day while I reviewed a bunch of translations. And now she has a bunch of pages that look really good, and a bunch of pictures that need to be put back in somewhere, and the whole time she's like, "Hrm, we ordered the 8x8 book and there's like 50 pictures on this page--there's no way anybody's going to be able to see what's going on!" (I think the max amount of pictures on any page is...Athena says she thinks some layouts allow 25.) Of course, we have all the pictures on the camera, the computer, and the Shutterfly to look at in whatever size we want, but we want to show them off! And the people we know who would be the ones looking at the book are the ones who seem like they'd be the most interested in larger versions. (A certain Disneyland associate of ours seemed mortally offended when he started reading the Big Hero 6 manga and the font was shrunken rather small to fit a "hwoinch" in a little speech bubble. Don't blame the manga artist; blame Lloyd Alexander for giving me the idea. Or, y'know, the translators who decided to go with a seven-letter word instead of a 4-letter one.)

So now we're wondering if we could change to a larger book size, but oh my goodness, with all the extra pages we've already ordered for this book, the price has already skyrocketed! I mean, we might not need all of the aquarium pictures (you can see fish anywhere, can't you?), but come on. We want them. It was our special Japan trip. And they also sent us a 40% off coupon today, which may or may not be a result of our not having ordered the book immediately upon seeing it.

And hey, I just remembered I was supposed to talk about high-context/low-context language stuff. Heh, heh, heh. It's been a long week. And we might not be done with work today. Yippee.

Today I'm thankful for having time for Athena to redesign our photo book some, finishing the one project at least, still having chocolate (we might need it), the very wise decision to start watching Gilmore Girls for our dinnertime TV show (we finished Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries), and the delicious pizza we had for dinner last night.