March 20th, 2016


Energy levels dwindling

We're just so tired today. We're thinking we don't want to have dinner. Instead, we want to eat all the chocolate there is. Gaston gave us a canister a while back full of a mix for drinking chocolate, and right now, it sounds like one of the best ideas in the world would be to measure how much milk we have left so we know how much mix to use, and make all of the milk into drinking chocolate. In fact, the only real problem I see with that plan right now is that then we wouldn't have milk for our cereal tomorrow. Athena also suggests that we might run out of mix first, because Gaston said you actually have to use like half the canister for one serving. He was probably exaggerating, but we have to take these things into consideration.

And it's not like today was even especially exhausting. All the kids were really good in Primary and everything. It's just that we've been going and going and going for so long that we're starting to wind down. The batteries are low and they take more time to charge and drain faster. We're like two weeks away from being caught up with Japan on our monthly manga releases, but those two weeks are definitely going to be trying. We're already a little behind on First Love Monster (not behind our deadline; just behind where we want to be), and then we had another little non-manga project come up, and we could have said no but we really didn't want to, even though in a way we really did. So that will be another couple of days, which will probably also involve working on First Love Monster. This week is going to be a week of multi-tasking.

But anyway, in the interest of having something more fun to ideally revitalize ourselves or at least to have something exciting(?) to talk about in the future, now it's time for us to go sort through some of the pictures from our Japan trip. And then maybe we'll go have some "real food" for dinner.

Today I'm thankful for dreams of consuming all the chocolate, the kids being really good in Primary today, the beautiful flowers the Sunbeams and I saw on our nature walk, being able to at least have a nice cup of chilled chocolate even if we can't have ALL of it, and the video we saw on Facebook of the little hamster doing backflips.