March 5th, 2016


The busyness goes on.

Athena said we could update LiveJournal or we could watch Sekko Boys. I said we should watch Sekko Boys because I don't know what to update LiveJournal about and maybe it would give me an idea. She said I could update with, "Tired... The never ends. がくん." That last part is pronounced "gah-KUN", and is the sound of collapsing.

It was kind of sad, really. We were so looking forward to not having to work at all this weekend. Well, maybe doing chores, because we haven't been able to properly do chores since...longer than we care to mention. But we had work to do anyway! And technically it's our own fault, because we could have done it on Thursday or Friday. But we were so tired of working, and we didn't think it would take SO long. And it didn't seem like real work, so it was just one of those little things that you finish when you have a few spare minutes. Or two spare hours.

After the super intense work rush we had going on Monday through Thursday, I guess we got a little carried away when we realized that we didn't have to work all the way until bed time anymore. But we were coming home from the grocery store today, and sorting out what all we have to finish by when, and we determined that yup, we're booked pretty solid until April. There's still hope that we'll have weekends. We have a Devil Survivor and a First Love Monster during that time, and those sometimes go very quickly. But then there's a new series, so who knows how long that will take.

And so you see, the main reason I wasn't sure what to write about on LJ was that all I had to talk about was another work rant, and I thought it would just be boring. But Athena managed to put a slightly new(?) twist on it, so I thought it would be okay. (Actually, we have some ranting to do about an article on the quality of Japanese voice acting, but I'm not prepared to commit to a post like that when all I want to do is stop doing stuff.)

But in the meantime, our sprinkles arrived! But I can't smell them because my nose is all stuffed up! I managed to clear up a nostril just enough to smell each of the scents we got, and not surprisingly, the jasmine and the rain smell very much like soap. We're wondering if the soapiness would be diminished if we heated them, because scented stuff like that is supposed to be heated, but right now we're not sure how to go about experimenting. I thought about turning our Jamberry nail heater on them, but that seems like it would melt them, and we'd need a container for that. On the other hand, it could be super fun to melt them just enough to make them malleable, and then make scented wax sculptures! Hmmm... I'm liking this idea more and more... But it won't be fun to try it until I can smell properly again.

We also got another Nature Box. We decided to subscribe to Nature Box a while ago, because we thought it might be a nice way to gradually get into trying new things to eat. So far we haven't been really impressed, and we were about to cancel our subscription (especially because they keep discontinuing the snacks that we really like and replacing them with apples), but of course they made it annoying to do that. So, since there were only three snacks we were really interested in at all, and you get five snacks per box, we thought we'd let them surprise us with a couple of things as their last chance. So what surprise snacks did we get? Dried pineapple slices (possibly a win, since I like pineapple, but the ones in the picture on their website do not look appetizing) and sriracha pop pops. By "pop pops", they mean half-popped corn kernels. They have sea salt ones that they mix with toffee peanuts to make our favorite of their snacks, so that was a good call on their part texture-wise. We've never had sriracha, though, so we couldn't say whether or not that part will be a success. But the whole point of this venture was to try new things, so in that regard this could be a major win.

Today I'm thankful for the super cute little Brownie that was selling Girl Scout cookies outside the grocery store today (we bought four boxes for five dollars, so I handed her a twenty and she handed it to her leader to get change, then her leader walked her through the math to help her realize that we didn't need any change), having a new snack to try, having our scented sprinkles, finally really being done with that rush project, and also having pretty new Jamberries.