March 3rd, 2016



Well, the bulk of the work on the big scary rush project is done, but we still have a couple of little things to be turned in, probably before the weekend is out. We were trying to decide if we should just get them out of the way and be done with it, or if we didn't want to deal with the hassle (it could take a couple of hours), but Page made up our minds for us, at least temporarily, by getting settled on top of the laptop while we were checking Facebook. And that brings me to a much more important thing to talk about!

Thanks to Facebook, we were reminded that today is Hinamatsuri! And not even like it's that day in Japan, but it's not actually until tomorrow here because of time zones. It actually is that day here, which means we missed it in Japan! Arrrrgh! The busyness has thwarted us!

Well why is it so important anyway? It's not like you have any dolls to set up! Well, not technically. See, Hinamatsuri, or the Doll Festival, is the day where you take out your special set of dolls representing the Emperor and Empress and various other people at the court, and you set them up on a special stand and they look very pretty and stuff. As I said before, we don't have a Hinamatsuri doll set to set up.

But! when we went to Tokyo Disneyland, they were prepared for all the upcoming holidays, including Setsubun (the one where you throw beans at the oni--they had a pin set with Mickey throwing beans at Oni Donald), Valentine's Day (they had all kinds of things to help you make the ideal chocolates), and Hinamatsuri. For the latter, they were selling pairs of plush toys--Mickey and Minnie dressed like the Emperor and Empress in the Hinamatsuri set. We saw them and fell in love with them! So we had to buy a set. They came in different sizes, but we got the little ones because we were starting to worry about money and luggage space. We left them in the bag, and left the bag in our luggage, and had barely given them another thought.

Until today! Anime Expo's Facebook page reminded us that TODAY is Hinamatsuri, so if we wanted to display them appropriately, we had to do it fast! So we immediately pulled them out and set them out on our desk, and they look lovely. But before we put them down, we took a closer look at their costumes, and oh my goodness, they're so nice! The fabric on their kimonos is so pretty, and so fancy, and it even has hidden Mickeys!

And after all that hype, I have to post a picture, don't I! Collapse )

And while we're at it, here's a picture of the unusual cover on our copy of Noragami 1. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for finishing that rush project, getting our Hinamatsuri dolls up in the nick of time, having a beautiful set of Hinamatsuri Mickey and Minnie dolls (they have chains and safety pins on the back, so you can display them however you want!), having some extra time to relax today (important because I have a cold again), and having Book of Mormon class tonight.