March 1st, 2016

kid flash

A brief respite

I was going to start by saying that the nonstop work continues, but obviously that's not true because we're stopping right now. Actually, we're updating LiveJournal while we wait for the water to boil for dinner. The work will continue after our dinner break, which will not end until after an episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which is another one of those mystery shows that has us asking do they HAVE to kill more than one person every time?

Anyway, Page has been monitoring us to make sure we keep our spirits up. When she starts refusing to sit anywhere but a keyboard, that's how we know it's time to take a chocolate break! Fortunately(?), she's been patient with us today, so work hasn't been quite so interrupted...except when one of us will decide it's time to pet a kitty for a minute or two.

In other news, we had the UPS guy stop by three times in the last two days, to deliver comp copies! (And one to-be-translated copy of Say I Love You, but it came with more comp copies.) So now we finally have our very own copy of Noragami 1, so we can refuse to let Gaston visit anymore until he reads it. (We probably won't do that.) But the weird thing is the cover is different! At least, we think it's different. I mentioned before that we ordered a volume one from Amazon (which has since been passed out of our possession), and we didn't think anything was unusual about it. ...And looking it up at Amazon again, the cover showed there matches the Japanese version (which we usually have readily available on the desk for research purposes). But this volume one has a different cover! It still has Yato holding Sekki, and Hiyori with her cat tail, and ayakashi...but it's different! I wonder what happened.

Today I'm thankful for making pretty good progress on work so far today, Page monitoring our sanity, getting to take a break to eat dinner and watch a TV show, getting a bunch of comp copies, and the delicious salted caramel peanuts we had for a snack.