February 25th, 2016


Dinner with the missionaries

Ha, ha, ha. The utter lack of free time continues. We're at a point where we want to just take a few days to do nothing but work, so we can finally have time to do things other than work...which will probably inevitably lead to filling that extra space with even more work. But whether or not that's true, we still have ill-advised trips to Disneyland and other obligations to take care of. I actually wanted to type up a bit of a report on yesterday's trip, but there was no time, because of all the work and other obligations.

Today's agenda included feeding the missionaries and then going with them to Book of Mormon class! But feeding the missionaries was especially interesting this time, because (and I can't for the life of me remember how this happened, but) somehow I got reminded of Corpse Party, so I started telling about it for whatever reason that related to the conversation...oh, I remember now! One of the elders mentioned losing your mouth, and I said it would be pretty hard to lose your mouth, and he started suggesting well if you lose your whole jaw... And that reminded me of Corpse Party. So there we are, talking about Corpse Party and the gruesome things that happen, and we're eating dinner, and I notice that none of the missionaries are interested in eating seconds for some reason. Then I remembered what we were talking about.

It was especially amusing because later the conversation turned to Indiana Jones and how Kingdom of the Crystal Skull doesn't count, which reminded me of the Psych guide to crime-fighting, where it talks about all the Young Indiana Jones things, and the only thing (the one and only thing) I remember about Young Indiana Jones is where there's a big group of adults and Young Henry Jones and Old Henry Jones eating dinner, and Young Henry Jones starts talking in detail about the mummification process (Athena thinks Old Henry Jones was quizzing him, but she's not sure), and as this is going on, all the other adults leave the table one by one until finally they stop talking about mummification and Old Henry Jones says, "That's nice, son. Now eat your dinner." And Young Henry Jones looks at it like, "Uhh, no thanks."

So it all came full circle! Or something. Anyway, we had a good time.

Today I'm thankful for having another lovely dinner with the missionaries, having another lovely time at Book of Mormon class, finishing another chapter of Kamakura Monogatari (after translating the rest of the poems; our project manager asked us to), having a little bit of time to relax before we have to go to bed (you can see I'm not yet dedicated to the prospect of nothing but work), and having a lovely talk with our little sister on the phone.