February 24th, 2016


Say I Love You volume 12

Our ill-advised trip to Disneyland started a little earlier than originally planned, but we couldn't skip Review Rednesdays! We have four new translations released just yesterday, but one of them is Persona Q, which we haven't been reviewing because we've been translating it one chapter at a time. If people are interested, we might be able to start reviewing it and post review compilations, but I'm not sure if we have time for that kind of thing. Maybe if we did a paragraph or two per chapter... Hmmm... (I'm more interested in doing this for UQ Holder!.)

Anyway, two of the other releases were series that we reviewed in last week's special edition of Review Rednesdays, so we will go ahead and review the last one, Say I Love You 12! Spoiler level: Maybe moderate, but more on the mild side.

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Today I'm thankful for having a lovely time at Disneyland, getting a little bit of work done beforehand, getting to see Baymax, Page still being somewhat interested in her new toy, and getting to have beignets.