February 22nd, 2016


Crushing souls and taking names

Today has been pretty bizarre. We've been having trouble running a program that we need to run in order to work on certain projects, and most of our attempts at resolving the problem involve us getting the computer to do something, and then killing time while it works on that. Earlier we went to the store, and now we're updating LiveJournal. Tadah. I feel a little bad that we didn't solve this problem sooner, but we haven't exactly had time to work on it, so today's the day. And that means getting started on this project a little late, which is especially annoying because after wrestling with computers all day, work is the last thing we want to do, but them's the breaks, I guess. (Interestingly, Chrome is not telling me that "them's" is misspelled.)

Things are kind of a flurry of unresolved issues at the moment, actually. We'd been hearing rumors for...months, I guess, but possibly longer, that someone we know in Fresno is going to want to come be our roommate after she graduates high school this year. We've never had great luck with roommates, so we were never too keen on this plan, especially because we really don't know this girl very well so we have no way of knowing if she'll be a good roommate or a bad roommate, and we don't want to get stuck in a bad roommate situation without at least having an exit strategy. On the other hand, it's all part of her plan to accomplish her dream, and who are we to stand in the way of people's dreams? It could turn out to be like giving her a leg up, but back to the first hand, it could turn out to be like us forming a human bridge for her to walk all over.

So here we are with our misgivings about the whole situation, not wanted to risk being walked all over but also not wanting to crush people's spirits. In the meantime, graduation is only getting closer and it's time for this girl to call us and tell us herself, for the first time, that this is what she would like to do. The phone call came last night.

We were honest with her--we said we weren't big fans of the idea, but we weren't 100% against it just yet. I listed all the issues that would need resolution before anything was determined for sure, including our tiny refrigerator, the fact that we have Gaston come down and use the room she wants to live in, and most importantly, we use that same room quite a bit because it's our office. In fact, I'd say we spend at least half our day in this room even on days when we're not constantly working overtime.

Her pitch seemed to be geared toward winning our sympathy. She wants to follow her dream, and it's so very expensive to live in Southern California (tell me something I don't know), and she'll be a full time student, but she'll do everything she can to be the best roommate ever--she'll cook (she really doesn't know us very well), she'll clean (we actually might be interested in this one), she'll pay rent although she's not sure how much she can afford. And we can go to Disneyland together! (Because we've definitely been lacking in ill-advised trips to Disneyland lately.)

She did seem to emphasize the fact that she won't be able to make very much money, which only really raised a red flag because, although this is the first time she's approached us about the matter, we've heard about it from a third party with who had been following the developments as she discussed them with another mutual acquaintance. Of course, the information is third hand and completely biased, so we don't know the validity of the report, but we're told that the would-be roommate is hoping that, out of the kindness of our hearts, we'll say, "Aww, that's okay. You don't have to pay rent!"

And the fact is, we really don't need help with rent (which is one of the many reasons we don't currently have a roommate) and we only care about money insofar as it can get us other things we want, like manga and trips to Japan. But what really makes me wary about this is the idea that she might be coming into this whole thing with the express purpose of taking advantage of us, and I'm really not okay with that.

So basically our opinion on it is we'd really rather not have a roommate, but we're keeping an open mind, and there's still time before graduation for her to figure things out. And that's what I thought I told her, but maybe I didn't get all the right words out, because this morning we got a call from our original source, saying that the girl is now crushed because we said no. I'm pretty sure I didn't ever actually say no, but it's also possible that I never managed to get out any of the important phrases like "but we might be able to work something out." The girl was very nervous and so quick to reply to me that I didn't always get a chance to finish.

And basically what it all boils down to is we feel like we personally would be happier if this roommate issue never happened, but we didn't want to go crushing anybody's souls. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for mostly resolving our computer issues, our grocery store sill have heart-shaped boxes of chocolate available for purchase (I wanted to buy one last Monday, but our shopping was cut short because Gaston was suddenly in town, so I'm really glad they still had some today), having a lovely time watching Muppet Treasure Island last night, getting our grocery shopping done, and it being time to take a break.