February 19th, 2016


The Ice Reaper, volume three

Well, yesterday's trip to Disneyland was definitely ill-advised. With better advice, we would have known that the AP Days stuff was open longer and that Gaston wouldn't be getting into town until late, so we definitely could have stayed home and finished our Corpse Party translations. Things are going to be tricky as far as finishing Devil Survivor and doing all the other things we want to do (like chores).

But anyway, let's have a review! Today we'll be reviewing Final Fantasy Type-0 Prequel: The Ice Reaper. Spoiler level: mild...ish? There's speculation about the end of the manga that involves facts that you'd already know if you'd played the game.

Collapse )

Wow, that review was ridiculous! (Ridiculously awesome. I would recommend reading it even if you're not a fan of the series or the game it came from.)

Today I'm thankful for having warm snuggly blankets when we need extra coziness (even though it's not very cold; sometimes you just need extra coziness), getting to have pizza for dinner tonight, not making terrible progress on Devil Survivor, Muppet Treasure Island, and it being the 20th anniversary of when we first saw Muppet Treasure Island in theaters.