February 16th, 2016


First Love Monster, volume 3

Oh man, I'm so tired. We've been working on Corpse Party today, and it is exhausting. In fact, we have a bit of a scheduling conflict, in that our editor for Devil Survivor was hoping to get that one on Friday, but our editor for Corpse Party came along first and asked for two volumes of that by Friday, and we had to work on Noragami on Monday, we have just enough time to get two of those books done if we don't work overtime...so overtime it is! We did get more time on Devil Survivor, but we want to get it done ASAP for the other production people's sake. (Apparently it, too, is on a monthly release schedule. And we're like, "Whyyyyyyy!?" Not that we don't like the series, just that we're kind of drowning in work (and ill-advised trips to Disneyland) here.)

So we were going to make it all better by finishing our first draft of not one, but both! volumes of Corpse Party today, and we actually might have been able to come pretty close. But, even though Corpse Party is scaring us less, it's still exhausting. So much gruesome death. So we decided to work on Devil Survivor instead, and that one isn't nearly as gruesome, but it's not exactly sunshine and lollipops. That being the case, even though we'll probably have a little more time after this before we have to go to dinner, we have to stop working for today. We made enough progress that we'll have very little trouble finishing everything by its official deadline...barring any ill-advised trips to Disneyland. Oh wait.

Anyway, let's distract ourselves! We are still in the middle of our very special edition of Review Rednesday, after all! (Of course we are; it only started yesterday!) Since we started the week off with a monster series, we thought we'd go along with the theme and review another monster series! And maybe we should have started with this one, because it bills itself as "first", ha ha ha. That's right, we present to you First Love Monster, volume...3? Hold on, let me check my notes. Yes, three! Spoiler level: Did you even mention a single thing that happened in this book?

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Wow, that review talked even more about our work schedule! It's kind of fun how all these things tie together sometimes. Or how our life never changes. Hrm.

Today I'm thankful for Corpse Party not being more tiring than it is (the horror is pretty draining, but if it were chatty on top of that...I shudder to think of it!), having an unintended monster theme for our Review Rednesday Week (it will end after tomorrow, though), getting to look forward to a relaxing evening of not working (which we hopefully won't regret deeply later), having lots of happy music to listen to while translating horror, and it being time to go lie down now.