February 15th, 2016


My Monster Secret volume 1

Well, we finally finished our travel log, and now we have a backlog of reviews to post! So this week, we bring you a very special edition of Review Rednesdays. What makes it so special, you ask? The fact that we're doing it every day this week, and not just on Wednesday! Tadah!

While we were in Japan, we kept seeing reviews of My Monster Secret, so I thought we'd hop on the bandwagon and post our review of it, too! (The reviews were all positive, but one of them posted scans of a few pages, which we couldn't help reading, to see what the adapter did with it. There were a couple of lines that had us go, "You went with that?" and then we reminded ourselves that it was possible that we put it there to begin with.) So here it is! Spoiler warning: Very mild (unless you don't even want to know the premise before you go in, and then it's moderate?).

Collapse )

And there you have it! Not a very in-depth review (we just wrote a Noragami review...which I also felt was a little less in-depth than usual for Noragami, but I think was still longer than this one), but at least I gave a summary of the story's premise! ...And nothing else that happens. Maybe I should have talked about Nagisa more...

Today I'm thankful for distance (from the format) helping me remember My Monster Secret more fondly, lemon pudding ring cake, Girl Scout Cookie booth sales, Reese's hearts being on sale, and this very special edition of Review Rednesdays.