February 14th, 2016


Take me home

We have returned! It was the most annoying thing, actually. We had to swear off the internet (except for reading email and LJ (not posting), because together those things take very little time) because we had too much work to justify spending any great amount of time doing anything other than work. ...We may have taken a slightly longer snack break as a result. It was kind of bad, though. We had Noragami at a point where we could get it done by our Monday deadline without too much trouble, and then since it would probably take about two days each to finish the next two books (which are due on Friday), we'd have just enough time and it would be great!

...And then, Gaston, who was visiting, started talking about his plans to come back again next week for three days! Only one of those days would be spent at Disneyland, but the idea of missing a deadline because we went to Disneyland was just a little stressful. Of course the obvious solution would be to say nope, can't go to Disneyland, and that's just what we intended to do, but we were already stressed out and just the idea of having someone in our space when we were stressed out and trying to get our job done was overwhelming enough. Stupid Annual Passholder Days are not helping.

So we spent as much time as we could on Friday and Saturday working, but on Friday stress was high and productivity was low, which heightened stress and lowered productivity even further. So we had to quit a little bit after nine, and attempt to decompress by watching Castle, which is when Gaston and Alice came back from hockeying, and I was like, "NOOO! Now they'll think we have free time!" But it was all made better when Gaston suggested we go to Joe's Italian Ice. Increased blood sugar was a big benefit to our mental state. (We had eaten, of course, but I think the intense mental workout and stress combined into a need for even more sugar.)

Furthermore, during the course of the hockey, it was discovered that there's some kind of super hockey lesson/camp/clinic/thing that Gaston wants to go to, so while he will be coming back next week, he'll be staying in San Diego for most of it, and we'll be free to get our work done in our own, uninvaded space.

And now that all that's out of the way, Collapse )

Okay, I still have a few things to tell about, but they might get long, and this has been going for a while. So I was going to end it here, but then Athena pointed out that including the review for new week, we have six Review Rednesdays backlogged, and it would be nice if we could post those reviews Monday through Saturday. So I interrupted this post in case you readers decide you want to finish it later--if you stop now, you'll know you left off at this next lj-cut.

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And there you have it. This has been Nibley Trip to Japan Jan.2016. Thanks for joining us!

Today I'm thankful for making it home safely from a wonderful vacation, not missing out on the Animate cafe theme for January, also not missing out on our dream menu item at McDonald's, friendly cosplay shops, and hope for finishing all our work on time this week.