February 11th, 2016


The Society of Explorers and Adventurers

Weeeellllllll... Technically we should probably be working today, but when things go out of whack sometimes, we start throwing all responsibility to the wind. Gaston (and maybe Alice, too) is planning to arrive around eleven today to go to Disneyland. We seriously considered saying, "You know what, we reeeeeally should stay home and work this time," but that darn Disneyland as Annual Passholder Days going on this month, with a new theme every week, and today is our best chance to check out this week's theme before it changes. So, against our more responsible judgment, we're going to Disneyland anyway.

That, of course, doesn't give us a lot of time to get a significant amount of work done, which we thought would be okay, because Thursdays are usually UQ Holder! days...but not this week! So instead of doing any kind of work, we thought hey, why not take the time to update LiveJournal? Then we'll have less trip reporting to do in the future, which might give us more leisure time in the future, allowing us to get back to video games that much sooner.

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Today I'm thankful for the Fort Magellan quest, Fort Magellan (I love that place! next time, I want to spend more time there), getting a Sindbad reward (sort of), chocolate crepes, and having time to finish this before Gaston showed up.