February 10th, 2016


Another day at Sea

We are very busy and probably should be working now, but things got all mixed up and I think my current state of mind is better suited for updating LiveJournal than for working. Plus, since I have two things on the to-do list, and one of them is more likely to be crossed off after one sitting, I decided to go with that one. And the reason LiveJournal takes a higher priority on the to-do list today (as opposed to being put off until such time as we decide yes, we do have time to do that) is that once again Gaston has struck with his incredible timing. He's coming down for a hockey tournament this weekend, and the original plan was to go to Disneyland on Monday, but that's President's Day and all our passes are blocked out. So tomorrow it is! (The amazing thing about the whole ordeal is that somebody thought to check that almost a whole week before the planned trip.)

Also, now I want to vent, because I feel like everyone is taking up ALL OF OUR TIME!!! First, Gaston is coming, then we get a slow start on Noragami, then we have an extra thing to translate, and then someone is messaging us on Facebook about hotel rooms and we're like dude, the con isn't for five months! Let us get some work done!!! I always forget how difficult it is for me to deal with people who need to plan everything as far in advance as possible, because usually I get so frustrated I stop dealing with them. And then they come along again.

But the worst part isn't even related to that, it's the extra translation! Of course we didn't want to let anyone else do it, and it was only two pages so we were sure it would be fine. We'd just dash off a translation and get back to our regularly scheduled programming. But no, it had to have a word that isn't in any dictionary. Not even any slang dictionaries! The best we got was about eight hits on Google, none of which gave a whole lot of context to help us figure out what it was. We spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure it out, then threw up our hands in despair, decided it wasn't that important to the story anyway, and fudged it.

But, being the professionals that we are, we let our editor know that we fudged it, so she went out and asked somebody (a native Japanese speaker, I would imagine), who came back with an answer that only just barely made any sense, and she asked us what we thought about it. We put off responding for a while because what we thought was that it's wrong. The evidence we had, to us, in our minds, supported the theory that this answer was not the correct one, so then we had to do more research and of course we found little to no evidence supporting either theory. So we stuck with ours. And hopefully we were polite about it, because we really aren't upset or anything, just feeling rushed, because in the meantime we're here with a volume of manga that's more talkative than we really have time for and we're using up all our time trying to find this stupid term that's not even important to anything except perfectionism! (So by the way, if anybody happens to know what エンカコラ means, or what エニヤコラ would have to do with going the extra mile to be popular in a potentially NC-17 setting, please let us know! But be mature about it, because we don't like NC-17 stuff.)

Okay, now that the venting is done, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for having plans to order a pizza for dinner, having a super adorable Chandu + Blanket, getting to go on Sindbad's Storybook Voyage again, all the smiling people at DisneySea, and the adorable little bakery across the street from our hotel.