February 7th, 2016

kid flash

Hunting for honey

Well, I have a little teeny tiny amount of time to post today. Church starts at one, and we have stake choir practice in the evening, but to make sure we can actually get there (we missed it last week due to transportation issues), we're going to stay for the Break the Fast dinner that's happening between the two, so we'll be gone all afternoon and night.

The funny thing about this is before we went to Japan, we read our reports of the first time we went to Tokyo Disneyland, which reminded me that I had a little bit of time on a Sunday to post about Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Hunt and nothing else. And as it just so happens, we were almost at the Hunny Hunt part of the report!

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Today I'm thankful for having a ride to church, having some lovely books to read while we wait between the various Things we'll be attending, getting to go on Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Hunt again, the friendly voice on Pirates of the Caribbean, and having time to update LiveJournal today.