February 6th, 2016


Disneyland here, Disneyland there 2

Well, we've finished paying our dues for slacking off and completed a day's work on translating! We may not have had to work today (Saturday) if we hadn't spent so long at Disneyland yesterday, but it was the Lunar New Year celebration, and we didn't want to miss it! I'm a little bit disoriented, though, because there was some other neat stuff at Disneyland, too, and now I feel like I'm trying to write two different event reports at once. But this most recent Disneyland trip only requires a few highlights, I think.

First, we stopped by to see Farley in Frontierland, and he's a friendly guy so we started talking about our Japan trip, and he asked if we went to the special water park (everyone asks if DisneySea is a water park; there's a lot of water, but it's not a water park) and saw the Nautilus. Well, as a matter of fact, we did get a picture of the Nautilus, so I pulled out my camera and started showing him pictures. So for his whole set, he's huddled next to me looking at my camera and talking and playing the fiddle all at the same time. And still interrupting himself to play Happy Birthday whenever someone walked by wearing a birthday button. We were impressed.

Second, the Lunar New Year stuff was fun, but the same as last year so requires no new report. Third, they switched up the show in the Golden Horseshoe again, so it's about the bank robbery as usual (lately, they always call on Gaston to be in the show; this time he was the bank teller), but instead of Sally Mae trying to flirt with Clem Clodhopper, Miss Rose is trying to parry the advances of Mayor Macgillicuddy (or however it's spelled), while at the same time getting a little handsy with whoever gets called up to be the bank teller ("You know, Gaston is my favorite name."). And finally, they brought the Tangled show back to the Royal Theatre, and we were especially happy because the girl playing Rapunzel (who we're pretty sure we saw as Anna the day before) was a fairly decent actress.

But now! it's time to rewind and get back to Tokyo Disneyland! Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Enchanted Stitch Room (one of two things we wanted to see since the first time we went to Tokyo Disneyland), getting to see Minnie! Oh Minnie! (the second thing), lovely souvenir mugs, the tasty cake that came with the mugs, and Gaston giving us drinking chocolate mix.