January 7th, 2016


That movie everyone's talking about

I don't know if I ever mentioned this before (I feel like I must have, and yet I don't remember it), but back when we were in high school, we would be doing our math homework and it would all be going just fine until our brains decided not to work on math anymore. Usually this kind of thing makes me go, "But aren't you your brain?" but I guess it's like the math processing part of the brain that just decided to close up shop for the day. The homework would not be done, and nor would it ever be, because our brains had reached their math-processing quotas for the day and that was that.

That kind of thing has been happening with work sometimes lately, and today is one of those days. Although, thinking about it, it's possible that our brains were like, "Wait, you still wanted to work today? Sorry, I thought we were done. ...And we're still done, because I say so." ...Actually, I think we could get more work done today if we really pushed it, but anyway, we threw everything off by taking a break in the middle of the day to do chores, and maybe that's what did it. But we needed to get some cleaning done because we're supposed to be having the missionaries over for dinner. On the other hand, that's supposed to happen in about an hour and so far neither pair of missionaries has contacted us to confirm. If they think this is supposed to be happening a week from today, they're going to be disappointed next week. Either way, we're having pizza for dinner.

In other news, we read a pretty neat interview with John Williams today, and it reminded me that I did want to talk about The Force Awakens in more detail. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting enough work done today that it's okay to save the rest for tomorrow, amazing John Williams music, getting our new jeans in the mail, getting our chores done, and those new jeans fitting.