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I was going to entitle this entry "FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!" but we've said "woo" three times now out of sheer excitement, so I felt it should be recognized. But anyway...

We're done! After about two months' work, we have finally finished the crazy crazy thing. We'll be turning it in tomorrow, and then going to the post office either tomorrow or the day after to send the layout copy back. The translation was more than five hundred pages, about fifteen of which are there just because there are so many footnotes. We had to reference so many things, we ended up with over seven hundred footnotes. Now I can't wait until they announce it, so I can talk about it in more detail. I kind of get the idea they won't announce it until after we turn it in, but for all we know, they're already talking all about it at the TokyoPop message boards.

But now we can finally, finally get back to a somewhat normal translation schedule. We're still a little busy, since we have three deadlines for mid/late-ish December, but we're back to just normal manga now, and one of those is +ANIMA. Oh, +ANIMA, how I long to translate thee...

Ahem. Anyway. That's about all that happened today. We scared Oreo a few times with our cheering and yelling at books and dropping of books and stuff. Also, we were woken up about half an hour before our alarm went off because people have been calling Celeste to give her information about something they claim she asked about and she claims she didn't. They've been calling a lot since yesterday. Since I was asleep, my reflex was to leap out of bed and answer the phone, and I didn't realize Celeste hadn't gone to work yet until after I took the message and hung up.

When I found out, I got really mad, so I spent the next forty or so minutes doing things like compose a rant about how we hate being forced out of bed by phone calls and Celeste should have answered the phone, but then I realized I might have leaped out of bed after the first ring, so really all I need to do is tell myself to keep sleeping if it happens again tomorrow. Celeste will be able to get it, since she won't be leaving until after our alarm starts going off.

And that is our crazy day. Today I'm thankful for finally being done with the crazy crazy thing, makeshift magnifiers made from Tic-Tac containers, still having work to do, having a new power strip so we can plug in all the TV-related electronics at once, and warm breath with which to warm up my hand.
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