December 24th, 2015


It's Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve, everybody!

The original plan was to work like mad in an attempt to get as much done on Devil Survivor 4 as possible. Not because we're in a rush to finish that particular book, but because we have so many books to translate before we leave for Japan. Actually only three, come to think of it. Well, only three that need to get done. It would be good to get a start on a fourth one. But the point is we were going to work today.

And we did! Tadah! But not nearly as much as we'd planned. We finished our first draft of Devil Survivor, and since I woke up with a scratchy throat and some pain in my teeth that I'm hoping is caused by sinus pressure, we decided that maybe it what we needed for Christmas wasn't time to get more work done, but time off to get some rest in. So after we finished our first draft of the manga Devil Survivor, we put down the books and went to go play the game Devil Survivor. And that's pretty much what we plan to do for the rest of the day, but we're keeping it flexible. We might watch Muppet Christmas Carol or something later.

In other news, we sort of got a Christmas present from Barnes & Noble! We had ordered a few things as a Christmas gift to give when we went to Fresno, but before we found out we wouldn't be going to Fresno, so when the package arrived we just tossed it in a corner to think about later. But then this morning, B&N emailed to apologize for the delay because part of the gift had not been shipped and they still couldn't ship it yet or something. And as an added apology for the inconvenience, they sent us a $10 gift card! Aww, that's sweet. You're the best, Barnes & Noble!

Also, Kyoya sent us pictures of the cool snow place he wants to take us to when we go to Japan, and it looks so pretty and like so much fun! And there are monkeys! When he suggested snow, we were like, "Hmm, I dunno..." because snow is cold and all that jazz, but now that we've seen the pictures, I really wanna go! Our travel buddy seems reluctant, though, possibly because she, too, has nothing by way of clothing to wear in the snow, so there's still a chance it won't happen. But monkeys!

Today I'm thankful for gift cards from Barnes & Noble (we're gonna use it toward buying something that costs significantly more than ten dollars!), mandatory days off, things that make us more excited to go to Japan, realizing that our schedule probably isn't as rushed as I was telling myself, and Christmas!