December 23rd, 2015


Say I Love You volume 11

Well, we ended up being out late tonight, and working all day (this has got to be the chattiest volume of Devil Survivor in history (it's ever so long history of four volumes)) except for when we ordered pizza (Pizza Hut sent us an email with a surprise deal, and we were like, "Whatever, it's never worth it. We'll order a pizza if we get 50% off." And what do you know.), but it's also Review Rednesday, and we don't want to pass up a Review Rednesday! It's very difficult to resist the temptation of posting our review for Noragami 9, which just came out yesterday, but resist it we will and this week, we present to you Say I Love You volume...11! Wait, did this really just come out this month? But 10 just came out last month! Oh well, who am I to question it? Spoiler level...I don't know.

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Today I'm thankful for making as much progress as we did in Devil Survivor, getting half-priced pizza from Pizza Hut, having a lovely scripture discussion at Book of Mormon class with the missionaries, getting all our Noragami comp copies (except maybe volume one), and Page being super cute stretching her paw out as she lounges in her cat bed.

Speaking of the Noragami comp copies! We went ahead and finally asked for comp copies of all the volumes we didn't have yet! Then today we were waiting for the missionaries to come pick us up for Book of Mormon class, and they were running super late (apparently the day was full of stress), and we were wondering if we should just go back inside and call it a night when they texted to say they were still coming after all (I was afraid it was because of a text message misunderstanding, so that was a relief), but the important thing is that like two minutes before they arrived, the UPS truck drove up, and the delivery guy recognized us, so he didn't even take the package to our door, he just had me sign for it right there! And if the missionaries had been on time, we would have been at class when he arrived, so it all worked out for the best.