December 20th, 2015


Christmas escapades

We always knew refusing to see blockbuster movies on opening weekend came with some risks, but we didn't expect to be spoiled for the new Star Wars movie at church. We should have, though, because Athena one of the kids in Athena's class is a seven-year-old boy. Oh well, I'm sure the movie will still be fun anyway.

Anyway, I'm kind of at a loss because it's so hard for me to believe I can actually update about stuff, we've been so busy. And yet I updated just yesterday. Still, that Knott's trip was over a week ago, so maybe the confusion comes from being up-to-date. But we're not up-to-date yet, because I still have to talk about the ward Christmas party!

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The next day, our Christmas responsibilities hadn't quite ended, and Athena had a nightmare that she would arrive at church early on Sunday to practice with the choir, but the choir wouldn't be there and she would be running around trying to make preparations, and to top it all off, for some reason another choir would be on the stand. Imagine her delight, her sheer joy, when we went into the chapel this morning and discovered another ward's choir in all the seats! They wanted to rehearse for the musical fireside the whole stake is doing tonight (which we are also participating in), so they were taking up the time that we needed to rehearse for our sacrament meeting, which was set to begin in less than an hour. And! the clock was slow, so we had less time than we thought even so! (I was just annoyed/amused because one of the women in the choir pleaded, "Can we just stay here for ten, fifteen minutes? We're practicing for tonight!" as if tonight was so soon and they were desperate. And I was like, "No sympathy from me, missy. We need to nail this thing in half an hour." So we let them practice (since, as per Athena's dream, her choir wasn't there yet), and to expedite the process, I stood in for their pianist until she arrived.)

But! the choir performance went really well, and the bishop said it was the choir's best performance ever! Even though the pianist distracted herself in the middle of the performance to the point of completely losing her place in the music. Apparently she was able to fake it well enough that nobody noticed before she found her place again.

After that, Primary went pretty well, and the Primary president gave us each a lovely Christmas card and a tin of cookies! She gave us each our own tin! Awwwwwwwww! (And we're pretty sure they really are filled with cookies and not sewing supplies.) And I think the first counselor in the Primary presidency is really in tune with the Spirit, because somehow she knew to ask us about our Christmas plans. I was kind of hoping nobody would so we could just hide from the world that day, but Christmas is about getting together with people and being friends and stuff, so it's probably for the best (although we didn't commit, so our options are still open). And since I haven't mentioned them here yet, our plans are as follows:

Originally, Steve's mother was going to come down to visit her son for Christmas, and she and Steve and Mom were going to come down here to take her to Disneyland. We even made reservations at the Blue Bayou! But Step-grandmother's health isn't what it used to be, and she'd been finding herself in the hospital. So instead, Mom and Steve are going up to visit her in her home in Washington. Meanwhile, the little sisters will spend Christmas with their in-laws, the step-siblings will spend it with their mother, and we will have "Christmas" mailed to us in the form of presents. On the one hand, I'm like, "Yeah, 'cause THAT's what Christmas is about," but on the other hand, I'm really grateful that they bought us presents. We're really not upset about the way things went down, especially because that gives us another week to get our work finished (<--because THAT's what Christmas is really about</sarcasm>, but seriously, it will be nice to be able to go at a slightly more leisurely pace). The point is, whatever we end up doing for Christmas, I'm pretty excited about it.

Today I'm thankful for being almost done with our Christmas responsibilities, the missionaries being kind enough to help us with our Scripture Scouts thing at the last minute, Boo Dog himself providing us with sheet music, the sweet gift from the Primary president (and here we were going to give her family a gift for driving us around all the time, but we didn't because we've been in too much of a whirlwind), and an explosion of angels.