December 16th, 2015


My Little Monster volume 11

Our schedule continues to be in flux. One of our editors emailed to confirm that we were on track to get Devil Survivor done on time, and we said yup, we were going to do it after My Little Monster and a couple of other things, but if you want Devil Survivor before My Little Monster, let us know. She emailed back with something about how it should be okay if we need more time, and we were like, "No worries. We're planning to get both of them in on time; we just wanted to know if you wanted to get to it really fast." It wasn't until after that that I realized that four books by January fourth really does seem like a stretch. This is not to say that it seems like it will be no problem, but more an indication of how completely oblivious we are to realistic time-frames. I think this is a self-defense mechanism, because if we thought about it too hard...

Anyway, it's Review Rednesday! Up this week is My Little Monster, I think! Let me check our calendar... Yup, My Little Monster 11! Spoiler level: moderate?

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Wow, that was kind of disjointed. And now I'm kind of lost as to what all we need to review next. I think it's Chaika and Say I Love You... We're going to have to check to make sure we didn't miss any releases.

Today I'm thankful for meeting today's work quota, Page loving her relocated window perch (or at least being interested enough in it to hop on it more than once without any prompting), having plans to practice for the Christmas party tonight, not having to work overtime today, and the chocolate peppermint cookies we baked on Monday.