December 15th, 2015


A river in Egypt

After we finished work last night, we had an extracurricular activity (preparing for the ward Christmas party) that took up all the rest of our time until bedtime. It was tough, but I was happy to get it done, and happier that we would probably have the evening tonight to do some of our recreational things, like watching Sailor Moon and playing video games.

Then we checked email this morning. This same project! The legal stuff I keep mentioning. The one where we said we were busy and can only work for you at double the price this month. Apparently double our regular rate isn't high enough. I knew our rates were ridiculously low for this kind of work, but seriously!? We're just trying to be optimistic that it won't take all night.

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Whew. Next time, maybe I'll be able to tell about our berry farm adventures. (Looking at tomorrow's schedule, it's not promising.)

Today I'm thankful for meeting our original work goal for today, getting to try gingerbread popcorn (right, that's another thing worth note from our Disneyland trip; I think it was a little too strong), being on track for the Christmas party program to not be completely terrible, Page being willing to try the little fort we made for her (still doesn't seem to like it), and getting to try some new anime last week.