December 14th, 2015

kid flash

Booked solid

We did not intend to disappear over the weekend, but our plans had other ideas. Saturday started with going to help clean the church, then we had a little bit of time to check the internet before we went to help out at a baptism for our ward, and then we went to Downtown Disney because one of our favorite animators, Eric Goldberg, was signing a book of his drawings. Some of you may remember that we met him at San Diego Comic-Con back in 2009, so we actually had a lot of things we could have said to him if we weren't so darn shy. We told the sister missionaries about it later, and they were like, "Well, I understand, you don't want to hold up the line or anything..." But we were the only people there at the time. It was kind of pathetic. And he was so friendly and happy and smiley! So we determined that we ought to write him a fan letter. And then we looked at our schedule and laughed and laughed and laughed...or we would have, if we'd had the time.

We spent some extra time in Downtown Disney going on a Quest that ended up with the conclusion that we might find what we're really looking for if we actually go in the park, so we decided to do that even though we don't quite know how we're going to fit it in. But we're optimistic, because we actually finished Noragami 12 today! And we didn't have to work overtime to do it! I knew [redacted] wouldn't let us down. Then we came home and had to do some things for the ward Christmas party planning that we accepted responsibility for, and then we stayed up a little bit late because we wanted to watch Attack on Titan Junior High and Last Man Standing before going to bed.

Sunday was equally busy. First there was church, of course, which went long because it was followed by choir practice. Then we had just enough time to make our weekly call to Mom before the sister missionaries picked us up for the stake singles' Christmas dinner, which we agreed to go to because they asked us to do the music, and right after that was more choir practice! And then it was time to go home and watch Master Chef Junior before going to bed a little late again.

And that brings us to today, and we're still ridiculously busy, but finishing Noragami has us feeling like we can actually make progress on things. And I still didn't finish reporting about Disneyland! Here's a little tidbit: after having dinner at the Plaza Inn and running into some acquaintances from Fresno (we said hi and apologized for not being able to give them viewing tips to help survive the ridiculousness that is the current nighttime spectacular situation), we went back to Tomorrowland because everyone in our party knew that we wanted to buy Darth by Chocolate parfaits, and now I can tell you with more certainty what they are. The top layer is dark chocolate ganache, over a thin layer of chocolate cake, followed by chocolate mousse, a layer of crushed Oreos, another layer of ganache, and finally a layer of red velvet cake crumbs. The whole thing is topped by a dark chocolate Vader mask holding a chocolate red light saber. Everyone else in our party asked to make sure our family doesn't have a history of diabetes because the diabetic in our group said she was getting a coma just looking at them. The sad thing about it, though, is that the parfaits weren't that sweet. But they were very rich, so we each only ate half and took the rest home for later.

Today I'm thankful for finishing Noragami 12 (you guys, it's so awesome), getting to try Darth by Chocolate parfaits, getting to meet Eric Goldberg again (he even said, "Nice to meet you!", which would have been a great opportunity to say, "Actually, we've met before!" (in a friendly way, not a, "Get it right, stupid!" sort of way)), his book costing less than I thought it did, and it being time for dinner now.