December 11th, 2015


Schedule of Doom

Oh my gosh, you guys, our new schedule is so hilarious I want to cry. Here's what happened: a bunch of our editors were dealing with Chaos and were still trying to figure everything out, so we only had two official deadlines, and we figured we had time because neither of them was due for a while. So, since we needed to get ahead on Noragami, we decided to go ahead and work on that while we waited for everything to get sorted out, not knowing, of course, that it was going to break our brains. Then we took three days off for irresponsible frivolity.

When we returned, we had an email from another editor asking us if we could add a book to our pre-Japan-trip schedule. We said we think so but hold on while we ask other editors. So we asked them and they said, "Yeah, it looks like we just need the Noragami and this other thing." And we're like, "Great, we can totally handle that!" That's still in addition to a Say I Love You that's been on our schedule for like a month or something now, but still doable without any stress. So we happily continue to work on Noragami as our schedule remains mostly intact.

Then we get an email saying, "Actually, we need this, too. But that's okay, because we don't need that other one for a while." Okay, no problem. But then we get an email saying, "So you're working on this thing, right?" Noooo...but we could? "'Cause we need that around the same time as the other thing." Alrighty then! Now that I stop to think about it, our schedule's getting kinda tight here...and we're probably going to lose about a week for Christmas travel...maybe we should have thought this through better...

And then we get a final email saying, "Remember that one book I wanted to add? Just kidding, it's actually two." Aaaaaaah ha ha ha ha...hoo hoo hoo... (<--as in "boo hoo").

(The editor was really a lot nicer about it than that. I only word it that way for comedic impact. This post is in no way a criticism of our editors; they're all great people working through Chaos.)

Still, we think we can do it! It's only five books and a whole three and a half weeks! Athena says, "IF this Noragami volume will behave! I feel like we're beating it back with a chair. ...And not necessarily succeeding."

And to top it all off, I still have three days of frivolity to report on! The first two didn't have that much new stuff, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for having our schedule all sorted out (at least as far as what's due when, anyway), ginger loaf with orange icing, making it through the Ultimate Doom part of Noragami 12, getting shiny new decoder cards, and getting to act out the Twelve Days of Christmas.