December 2nd, 2015


Noragami volume 8

It's finally time! Time to post the review of our favorite book ever! (I say that about all the Noragamis.) Hopefully the review stands up to my memory of how much fun it was. Let's find out!

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Yeah, that was still a pretty fun review. Not as fun as the volume, I think, overall, but still fun. And we just finished our first draft of volume twelve, so oh my gosh, you guys, we are loving Noragami right now. It's gonna be hard waiting to post our review of Stray Stories, but it's nice to have something to look forward to.

Today I'm thankful for being surrounded by awesome Noragami, having chipmunk hats to help keep us warm in this cold weather (so it's 80 degrees outside... shh...), Capyper Land, getting to listen to Noragami songs while we work again, and the cute little advent Christmas tree a woman in our ward gave us a little while back (it's our first Christmas decoration in years!).