November 29th, 2015


More fun times with the missionaries

Oh my gosh, you guys, we were reading a review of the latest episode of Noragami and it totally spoiled Persona 4 for us! What the heck, review? I guess the statute of limitations on Persona 4 might be up since I guess the game was released like six years ago, but man. Here's hoping it wasn't a major major plot point.

Aaaanyway. Today in church the theme was on missionary work, because in our church we're encouraged to spread the good news of the gospel! Sometimes I think about it and I wonder if people who aren't in the church will hear that and think we're trying to recruit members into our religious cult army or something, and I wonder how exactly to explain it. I think it's like us and Noragami. We think it's awesome and so we want everyone to watch it and experience it's awesomeness. Only with church, it's more than just entertainment, it's a whole happy way of life! ...Which doesn't necessarily make it sound much better than previously described, but you guys know us. Do we sound like we've been brainwashed? (Maybe we don't want to know the answer to that...)

But for example, don't you think it would just make so many people's lives better if they would just read Fruits Basket? It's kind of like that.

Anyway, the only reason I bring it up is that of course it's something the missionaries always bring up when they come over for dinner, and as regular readers will know, we had the missionaries over for dinner during the week. So they brought up the whole "every member a missionary" thing, and the fact that our stake president challenged everyone to set goals for sharing the gospel with people in our neighborhood. And we used to ignore challenges like that because we're terrified of people, but this time we thought maybe we should try to do something, and that's part of why we agreed to have the missionaries over for dinner to begin with--we figured they could help us come up with a goal that wasn't too high of a hurdle for us.

So when they brought up the challenge, we didn't even give the elder time to finish before we were like, "We know, and here's our problem!" As you guys all know, we're not really afraid to share our beliefs with people (we do it on this very blog every so often), but we are afraid of people, and we don't know any of our neighbors and we never leave our apartment and blah blah blah. ...And they weren't really helpful as far as coming up with some small thing we could do on our way to get over that, but the talkative sister missionary (one day she's gonna find out I talk about her on my blog and call her "the talkative sister missionary" and I'm not sure how she's going to feel about that...) suggested something fun!

I don't remember how it even came up, but we started talking about handbells. And while we were talking about handbells, the UPS guy showed up with an expansion pack of them that we had ordered. So we opened it up to show it to them (even though we'd already pulled out the chromatic bells to show them), and we started ringing the highest one of them (E above high C) and talking about how all by itself it might be a little shrill, and the sister missionary suggested that we ring the bell every hour, just once, to drive the neighbors crazy. And then, because somehow we were still also talking about doing missionary work, she tied it in by saying that when the neighbors are finally so puzzled by it that they come over to ask what's going on, we say, "Would you like to hear about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?" And then when they learn about it, the strange bell ringing will magically disappear...

And that's the kind of fun we have while talking with the missionaries. (And in case anyone was wondering, that was 100% not serious, and we're not planning to do that, and the sister missionary is not expecting us to. Although we might ring the bells to get people's attention, and if anybody comes over to ask about it we'll say, "Yeah, that's us and our handbells! Wanna join our handbell choir?")

Today I'm thankful for getting to play with the handbells some more in Primary today, all the missionaries coming to visit Primary (one of the Primary kids is investigating the Church with the sister missionaries so they came to be with him, and the elders came over to do Sharing Time), getting to have a lovely chat with our sister whose birthday it is today, the Studio C Walking Dead parody sketch, and plans to have salted caramel chilled cocoa tonight.