November 26th, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Ours is pretty good so far. We actually spent it working, but not in a stressful way. We put in a Sailor Moon Musical CD because we got it around Christmas, so it always seems to match the weather...and then we remembered why we don't listen to Sailor Moon Musical CDs while we're working (because we'll inevitably start diverting brain power to remembering the lyrics as we join in singing the very singable songs), so when we started editing that chapter of UQ Holder!, we put in something with no lyrics and that worked out a lot better. Fortunately, that chapter happened to have a lot of incoherent babbling and/or screaming.

Anyway, now our work is done early, so we're looking to have a pretty nice Thanksgiving afternoon, too! For our feast, we're just going to have a frozen pizza, but we really like this brand of frozen pizza (even though it's not Freschetta), so we're happy with it. We're also spending the day by ourselves, but we're okay with that, too, especially because we had a lovely dinner with the missionaries a couple of nights ago, and it was lovely enough that I wanted to write about it, and that seems like a pretty good Thanksgiving pastime, too.

Most of the retelling-worthy stories came from the sister missionaries, or one of them in particular, but I'm getting ahead of myself. We had ordered some pizza from Pizza Hut, and now we were just waiting for people and pizzas to arrive. First on the scene were the sister missionaries (that just means "the missionaries who are female"). One of them is from Tonga, so I think everybody assumes that she's very quiet because she's not comfortable speaking English yet, but later her companion told the story of how she crushed the Tongan sister between their car and another one, and instead of yelling or screaming or anything, she just stood there pointing down angrily and in a "hello, you need to move this thing" way at the offending car, so it's possible that she's just quiet in general.

Anyway, the point is, she seemed to be acting shy, so I said we don't bite, and then I picked up the Baymax and Shadow plushes that were sitting on the couch next to me and said maybe the Shadow would bite, but more importantly, Baymax. The more talkative sister missionary asked if Big Hero 6 was any good, and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night, which was mostly spent discussing Disney movies. We learned that where the talkative sister missionary was from, yeah, Frozen was maybe a big deal for a little while, but people didn't care that much, but when she came here to southern California, it was huuuuuuuge. So if any of our readers from different areas are wondering why we seem to be pushing back so hard against something that's not even a big deal when we talk about Frozen, let me tell you, it's a big deal here.

So we started discussing Disney princesses and how they stand as role models, and that's when the elders (also known as "the missionaries who are male", for the purposes of this blog post) showed up. And the really great thing about it is that we told them what we were discussing when they came in, and instead of saying, "Oh, no, not Disney princesses, ew!", as we've been led to believe most men would do, they joined in the conversation! ...Well, one of them joined in. The quiet one merely stated that his favorite Disney princess is Dory, and generally stayed out of it after that.

But we've discussed our own feelings on Disney princesses here many times, so now I'm going to move on to talking about the talkative sister missionary and her stories. She went on a study abroad in England, and her family does some traveling, so she had some fun things to talk about, although come to think of it, they mostly centered around how obviously American she was. Not in a bad way--like, she was in a store and she asked an employee for assistance. One time she was in Italy with her family, and they were excited and making a lot of noise, so another girl (not from Italy) on the train addressed them and said, "You're American, aren't you?" Then she and her brother got really quiet ("Like we were trying to be reverent," she said) so as not to be the annoying Americans, but the woman seemed to really want to try something she'd heard of in regards to Americans, so she said to them, "Howdy." We're told it was in an Irish accent, which is something I really really want to hear.

Another highlight of the conversation Tuesday night was when we described someone we know as being very much like Vernon Dursley, and the talkative sister missionary said it makes her really happy when people are like Harry Potter characters. She had a teacher once who was just like Umbridge. (Only she didn't remember the name right away, so we all had a good time trying to guess which Hogwarts professor she was trying to remember.)

...And I think that's all the stuff that's really worth posting about. All of the missionaries were very nice and we had a great time, though of course after they left we had to deal with the awkward feeling of just having been social. I wonder what that's all about...

Today I'm thankful for getting all of our work done today, also having time to finish the latest installment of Fruits Basket Another, the idea of someone saying howdy with an Irish accent, having a delicious pizza to eat for dinner, and having several options for dessert.