November 20th, 2015



I was so sure work would go swimmingly, we'd finish our translation with maybe only an hour of overtime, and then we'd have dinner, watch the new episode of Noragami, finally find out who plays Koto, and watch the last six episodes of Seven Deadly Sins. AND have time to write about our trip to Disneyland on Tuesday!

...Who am I kidding, I wasn't remotely sure about that. I did hope, though. Anyway, it's not quite nine-thirty, and we just finished up. We did take time out to watch an episode of Elementary, though, and it took a lot longer than it should have because it kept needing to buffer or whatever, so it's not like we've been working all day. But the point is, this volume of Noragami didn't require a lot of research, but it did require significant research, and all of it was in the second half, which is what we edited today.

Anyway, we're gonna go find out who plays Koto now. Today I'm thankful for finally finishing that volume, discovering upon our third read-through that it actually all sounds pretty good, getting to try salted caramel peanut butter (we think it may be a little too salty, but it smells really nice), getting to have yummy pizza for dinner, and NatureBox's sweet kettle crunch.
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