November 19th, 2015


Working hard or hardly working?

As suggested by the subject line, today was a day when we asked ourselves, "Working hard or hardly working?" Only we didn't really ask ourselves that; we just thought about the answer, which was "yes". As mentioned earlier in the week, we had people coming over to do renovations on our apartment today. It only got in the way of work for a couple of hours (which is actually a lot, come to think of it), but even when we were working, we were so distracted by the fact that there were people in our apartment doing stuff. I'm not sure if it really affected productivity at all, but it sure felt like it did.

But now they have left and our apartment is nice and newly renovated! Yay! And we've gradually been moving all our furniture (and boxes of stuff) back into place, and somehow it feels like we have an awful lot more space now, even though it's all the same stuff. So that's extra nice. It's also extra nice that when we couldn't be working, we could be on the phone with our little sister. So overall, today has been a good day, except for the fact that we're only just finishing work at eight-thirty. But I know it could be much worse, so I'm just thankful that we have time to watch some anime.

I'm also thankful that we managed to meet our work quota. We're finally back on track after so many setbacks yesterday and today. (We also translated a chapter of Persona Q manga!)

Today I'm thankful for having shiny renovations in our apartment, the renovators being done with their work, being back on track for our Noragami goals, getting to try some new (to us) cheddar and caramel popcorn, and being done with work for the day.