November 18th, 2015


The Ice Reaper, volume two

Work is slow, because we wore ourselves out yesterday and slept in. But who cares? It's Review Rednesday! And one of our favorite books of all time came out yesterday, but we're not going to post about it today because we still have some reviews from last week! Or was it the week before? Oh well. And I couldn't decide which one to post about first, so I let the alphabet decide for me! I pulled up our list of reviews, and Ice Reaper showed up first. So here it is, our review of Final Fantasy Type-0: The Ice Reaper volume two. Spoiler alert level: Probably high, unless you've played the game and talked to every single person.

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Today I'm thankful for getting to work on another fun chapter of UQ Holder!, making not the worst progress on Noragami, happy reminiscences of the Hercules animated series, at least one of us (the cat) having a sure way to stay warm in these cold winter autumn months, and it being time for dinner.