November 15th, 2015


Delicate topics

There's an issue that's been all over Facebook lately, and I wasn't going to talk about it, because even though a lot of our Facebook friends said you couldn't set foot (metaphorically speaking, of course) on social media without being flooded with posts about this issue, I was pretty sure that only really counted for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and people with LDS friends. Then we started to see headlines about it popping up at Yahoo, which probably is choosing articles based on our cookies, but since they weren't specifically posted by our LDS and former LDS friends, I figured it's gotten big enough that it wouldn't be a bad idea to step in and give my thoughts on the matter.

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Today I'm thankful for scoring another pound cake at Bread Day, having Bread Day today (the day after we forgot to buy bread at the store (usually we never would, but when we got to the bread aisle in our shopping routine, there was a guy stocking the shelves, so we said, "Eh, we'll come back later," and...)), "Magical Moments" coming up on our playlist right now, the hope of getting to sing in the stake choir (for all our ward choir participation, neither of us ever gets to sing), and our shiny blue Jamberry manicures.