October 30th, 2015

kid flash

Clearing the confusion

Today was full of all kinds of confusion! ...Not really, just a couple of kinds of confusion. We finished Noragami 10, and started working on Devil Survivor, not really because we felt a pressing need to get a lot done, but just to be ahead of the game next week. There will be guests next weekend, but we don't know exactly when, so we figured it would help to be prepared. And that's where the first confusion comes in!

There had been some scheduling confusion, and it turns out that instead of Devil Survivor, we need to work on My Little Monster. This wouldn't be a problem except that now both books are due ASAP, and on top of that, the next Your Lie in April is due a week from Monday. (Fortunately, we're pretty far ahead on this series, so it probably won't be a problem to ask for an extension. We'll see how things are going at the end of the day on Monday...or Tuesday.) And really all of this is more amusing than anything else...until we remember we have guests coming next weekend at an unspecified time.

So we got to work on My Little Monster, and that's where the second confusion came in. We're working on volume twelve, and we opened it up, and Robico's comment on the cover flap said, "This is the last volume." And we were like, "What!? But there's a volume thirteen! We have it! It's right over there!" And just to be absolutely sure, Athena even went and picked it up. ...And it had Asako and Sasayan on the cover, so maybe it's a little epilogue/sequel thing? Only time will tell. (Even if we decide to read ahead, it would still take time to do that. ...On the other hand, I suppose someone who knows could also tell, but such telling would only be welcome if it contained no spoilers.)

That being the case, we worked extra hard today! And now it's late and we still have a workout to do, so we're off!

Today I'm thankful for getting all the confusion cleared up, getting to work on Devil Survivor and My Little Monster today, also getting to work on Noragami today (we were kind of a wreck about it; we did almost all of the major editing a couple of days ago, and at the time we thought it was great, but today we were like, "Are we sure it's okay!?"), getting to watch more Elementary today, and our package from Amazon getting here! (There's still a chance that it's another package of ink, based on the box dimensions, but we're optimistic. Maybe one day we'll have time to open it! (Probably after dinner.))