October 28th, 2015


First Love Monster, volume 2

It's Review Rednesday again! Woohoo! This week, we had three of our translations hit bookstore shelves, which was a little confusing at first, because we have a calendar as part of our email client, and that's where we decided to start marking down release dates. But there's only enough room in each box to show two items at a time (maybe because our screen resolution is still so small), so when we checked Anime News Network's release list and saw First Love Monster 2, we were like, "Wait, really?" Then we checked our calendar and were like, "Oooohhhh. Yeah."

But I'm going to save the First Love Monster review for later because today! I want to talk about Missions of Love!

...Except all of that was written before we checked our Reviews folder and realized that we don't have a review for Missions 11. They have slowed the release down so much that we translated volume eleven before we started writing reviews, and we started writing reviews last November. That being the case, if you have any love at all for Missions of Love, let me encourage you to buy it!

And now we'll move on to First Love Monster. Spoiler level: uhhh... (It's mostly about dealing with Kansai dialect, but it does allude to things that happen in the story, one of which may or may not be considered a moderate spoiler.)

Collapse )

That reminds me, we have to finish our review of volume four.

Today I'm thankful for pig-faced leather jackets (the fish), getting just about as far in our Noragami edit as expected, not being set back too far by another random rush project, getting to remember Missions of Love, and having a short workout today.