October 24th, 2015


Waiting for a ride

We're updating LiveJournal in an attempt to get our ride here sooner. In fact, I'm tempted to just post whatever I have written as-is if she shows up while I'm still typing, as a testament to how effective it is. But anyway, we're waiting for our ride to our church Halloween party. We walked there last year, but it's not so much fun to walk all the way to church in Halloween costumes, and we don't want to go without costumes! That takes away like 99% of the fun!

This year, we decided to go as Donald and Goofy, because we did the Siamese Cat thing last year, and Donald and Goofy is the only set we have that still fits people might recognize. Except for the Silly Girls, but what's the point of them without Gaston? We did consider wearing the Siamese Cat costumes again anyway, but people have been getting on our case for dressing the same. That being the case, we're also considering the best accessories for instant recognizability. Right now, we're thinking hair pins or hair clips of some kind--something big enough that you can tell what it is from a distance, that doesn't look tacky. I'm not sure if we'd need a new hairstyle or not; right now, we usually go to church with our hair half-up half-down. We know nothing about fashion at all, and that includes hair fashion.

We'd also need to make sure that we each have a different hair decoration, that we each wear all the time, to prevent confusion. We're thinking something like Lacus and Meer from Gundam Seed Destiny. We actually have hair clips like theirs, but they're too costumy and too similar to each other (they're the same color!). So we're still working on that.

Anyway, so far we've accomplished most of the things we need to accomplish today, but we still need to write our talks for tomorrow. Good thing they only need to be about two to three minutes long! I feel like there will be so much freedom once the Primary Program is over tomorrow... But then we'll be working on Noragami, so...

And that's all I have to say, so I guess I'll just finish this up. Today I'm thankful for managing to finish that translation, getting our grocery shopping done, having a ride to the party, getting to watch new Noragami last night, and the scene in the Kingdom Hearts manga where Goofy fishes through ALL of his pockets.