October 22nd, 2015


Mickey's Halloween Party 2015

I did seriously consider uploading some photos with which to illustrate our Halloween adventures, but ultimately I decided I'm way too tired to deal with it. We're still trying to solve the mystery of why we're always so thoroughly drained after a trip to Disneyland with friends, and our current theory is an iron deficiency. No idea if that's even a reasonable theory, but one time we told Mom we were tired all the time and she asked if we're getting enough iron. So what's a good source of iron? Other than spinach, because spinach makes us sad.

Anyway, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for Maurice treating us to lunch at the Blue Bayou, getting to eat at the Blue Bayou for the first time ever, managing to finish our rough draft of First Love Monster in addition to a chapter of UQ Holder, comfort mozzarella, and it being cool enough for Page to use her heated cat bed.