October 17th, 2015


The adventures continue

After all our adventures on Thursday, Mom came over and we had even more adventures! I do have a bit of an apology as far as Fruits Basket Another is concerned. Right as we sat down to get started on it, Mom called to let us know she was here. So we will be getting back to that later today probably.

In the meantime, adventures! ...Actually, we mostly just sat around and talked. Mom showed us her current favorite TV show, which is an Australian series called Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, and it's about a woman who goes around solving murders in...what appears to be around the 1920's based on the fashion, but on the other hand, what do the two of us know about fashion? It doesn't matter that much; the point is the costumes are really great. Still, when Miss Fisher is going around dark alleys looking for clues, I'm not concerned about her safety because she's a woman so much as because she's dressed so well she's practically begging someone to mug her. But she can take care of herself. Anyway, it's a neat show, so if you have Netflix, go ahead and check it out!

We also got to take part in Mom's daily Facetime sessions with Sarah and the nephews and new niece. This is how we got to learn about Logan's new favorite TV show, PJ Masks. It's about three kids who are superheroes. Logan loves it so much that he's already decided that he and his siblings will be cosplaying it for Halloween. We're so proud of him and his affinity for group cosplay. (To be fair to his mother, though, we're not sure if it was his idea to bring the siblings into it or hers.) Mom bought them some pajamas online that Sarah is going to use as the base for the superhero costumes, and once when we were talking on Facetime, Logan asked, "Did you buy my superhero costume?" Awwwwww♥

As far as actual adventures, mostly we just went shopping at Downtown Disney. While we were shopping around the World of Disney Store, we discovered that they have just released a new set of Marvel Tsums, including a Black Widow one. I remembered that I promised to buy a Black Widow toy a while back, and we love Tsums, so it was the perfect excuse to make good on my promise and finally get ourselves a Tsum. So we did, and now we have done our small part to contribute to the promotion of female Marvel toys.

Speaking of such things, I had a new theory as to why Disney got the idea that superheroines weren't very marketable, and it all goes back to Disney Infinity. Of course, this is all purely anecdotal and might mean absolutely nothing at all, but! when they released the new Disney Infinity 2.0, the starter set came with three figurines, including Black Widow. Then we saw a review or two of the game, and people didn't seem to like it all that much. It's possible that some silly marketers got it into their heads that Black Widow was part of why the game didn't sell as well as expected. On the other hand, it's possible that the game did great financially and this theory is a bunch of hogwash.

Anyway, there was a set of resin figures of Disney princesses that were all very pretty for the most part (Cinderella's face looked kinda weird), and since Kimee's birthday is coming up, Mom texted Steve a picture of the Jasmine one, because Jasmine at least used to be Kimee's favorite princess, and asked if she should buy it. Steve said go for it, but then Mom decided not to because she had enough souvenirs for people (including Kimee), and the figure was not insignificant in price. Later Steve found out about it and was sad, and I only bring that up because after some texting it was decided that we would return to Downtown Disney to purchase the figure after all.

And that's what started the adventures of this morning. They weren't all that exciting. We went to Downtown Disney and bought a Jasmine figure (which was very very pretty, by the way). The exciting thing about it is that we walked by the Disney Descendants fan event a few times. We haven't seen Disney Descendants because we think the concept is...well, it's not terrible, but it's been done and there's no way that some of those characters would have existed anyway, and if we're talking about the Wicked Queen's daughter, Snow White anyone?

But we did watch and generally enjoy Liv & Maddie, and the star of that is also the star of Disney Descendants. And we do like Ever After High, even though that one's concept makes us roll our eyes probably even harder than we would for Disney Descendants. So we made it a point to look at what was going on whenever we passed the stage where the event was going on. And all of the stars of the movie were so tiny! Like little babies! ...We're old. But we paid closest attention to Dove Cameron, because she plays not one but two twins on Liv & Maddie, and she does a pretty good job, so I would maybe go so far as to call ourselves fans. (But also annoyed once again at the numeralism of having a singleton play a pair of twins. Or maybe it's just that we like Liv a lot and Maddie not so much, so the one she relates to most would determine how much we really like the actress.) She seemed Very Serious sometimes, but when we ran back to Downtown Disney again, it was right when the cast was doing a musical number and all the fans were screaming and reaching desperately up to the stage to deliver the bouquets that they brought. Dove Cameron was holding a bouquet, and the look on her face might be construed as touched and grateful. In other words, she seemed nice.

Then we bought the pins we had been sent to retrieve. While we were shopping for pins (Kimee's a collector...or a trader, or something), we noticed the set of pins that depicts 16 different characters done up to look like a nesting doll. We were all very charmed by it, so Mom decided to buy a pack for herself. (They come in packs of five, like trading cards, only pins.) So when we got to the car to leave this morning, we opened the one pack she had and they were all so very cute that she decided she would like to buy another pack after all. And that's why we kept running back and forth by the Disney Descendants fan event stage.

Then we went to Target, where we discovered that the third Equestria Girls movie is on sale now, so we bought it! And then we went to have Joe Latti's at Joe's Italian Ice. They have a new flavor for Halloween called Monster Mash, and it's strawberry, orange, and pineapple. It was amazingly delicious.

But then it was time for Mom to pack up her stuff and go. And now we are here alone with our cat and our inexplicable exhaustion that comes from these adventures. But it won't be long before we have more visitors, because we're going to Mickey's Halloween Party on Monday!

Today I'm thankful for having a really good time visiting with Mom, getting to watch a neat new TV show, super adorable nesting doll pins, Monster Mash Joe Latti's, and the really fun chapter of UQ Holder! that will be released next week.


So we just finished watching some episodes of Noragami Aragoto, and we have so much to say! So much to say, in fact, that we decided not to wait until tomorrow to post about it, partially because Gaston and Alice will be coming so we're not sure if we'll have time, and partially because we're whiners and we're uppity, and we don't think whining or being uppity are appropriate Sabbath Day activities. They're probably not appropriate anytime activities, but what is the internet for if not drama? I'll try to keep it positive. We have good things to say, too! I think!

Anyway, after all our adventures of the previous week, it was finally time to watch the first episode of Noragami Aragoto, which should be available to non-FUNimation-subscribers after the two-week exclusive period. So we went to Hulu to watch the episode...and found three! Woohoo! We don't know what the deal is with that--whether they had a change of heart, or if maybe it was a glitch that means we'll have to wait extra time between episodes (which might be a very clever marketing ploy if they insert the wait time after just the right episode), or maybe everyone who was subscribing to FUNimation had read the manga already and they were like, "What the? Why isn't this as good?" But the point is, there were three episodes, and who are we to say no to extra episodes of Noragami when we don't have anything else to do anyway? Other than play one of the zillion video games we're in the middle or of read one of the zillion volumes of manga we have to read or do family history research or practice music...no, it was too late to practice music. Don't want to disturb the neighbors too much.

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And that concludes our review of Noragami Aragoto episodes 1-3.