October 14th, 2015


My Little Monster volume 10

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means! Review Rednesday! This week was a little unusual for us in that we actually had to do some poking around the internet to remind ourselves what all we translated that got released since the last time we had a clear idea. I don't know what happened; we've been so good at keeping track until now. And thus it becomes apparent that it would probably be a good idea to start writing down a review posting schedule. Hmmm.

Anyway, Noragami came out just yesterday! The pink one! And it's really good! But! My Little Monster came out two weeks before that, so it gets to go first in review order, even though we're pretty sure the only person we know who reads these and cares about Noragami spoilers is the letterer and therefore has already read it. And besides, just because we love Noragami more than just about anything doesn't mean we want to slight My Little Monster. So here we go! Spoiler level: mild? moderate? somewhere inbetween? Spoilers get mentioned, but very vaguely.

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Today I'm thankful for our publishers recently revamping their websites to contain "new releases" pages that make it easier for us to track down recent releases, the delicious chocolate cake we snacked on today, fond memories of My Little Monster 10, pink Noragami covers, and the timeliness of this review just happening to come right after the review for the other manga we mention in it.