October 12th, 2015


Blast from the past

It's day one of our vacation and it started out about as glamorously as we expected: we did chores. Whee. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that the reason we wanted a whole week off was that last time we took a couple of days off, we also did chores, and so it ended up being maybe one day to relax. This time, we're taking a week, so now that we've done today's chores, we just have to do some grocery shopping and laundry and the rest of the week can be spent relaxing.

We also procrastinated chores by watching anime. Unfortunately, we started our procrastination about half an hour before the second episode of Mr. Osomatsu went live, so we had to find another way to kill time. A lot of people seem to be talking about One-Punch Man, or at least I guess we see a lot of ads for it or something, so we decided to give that one a try...and we didn't like it very much. There was a lot of action, and I guess there was a lot of humor, but it wasn't our kind of humor so we weren't very entertained by it.

But then we watched Mr. Osomatsu, and it was better. Tadah! And now we have a cleaner apartment, too, and we're going to reward ourselves by ordering pizza for dinner. Not that we necessarily deserve a reward; more that we decided to wait until tomorrow to go grocery shopping, and pizza is a more fun option than what we have in our pantry. And we're on vacation, so we think it's okay to splurge.

And now I finally remembered the thing that I could write about that might actually be interesting! We went to a thing last night, and we got home sort of late-ish, but we wanted to watch some TV or something to unwind before we went to bed. So we decided to start watching Fruits Basket again. We forgot how much we liked this series. And watching the anime made us want to go back and re-translate the whole manga.

I mean, I remember reading the English version when we were working on one of the fanbooks, and I remember being amazed at how little we cringed at the dialogue, so it's probably fine I guess maybe, but there are always a few things that stick out in our minds that make us think, "Garbage! Garbage! It's all garbage! Who translated this!?" (Specifically, we always remember a scene during the Kyoto trip where they're teasing Kyo and he's complaining and Arisa says "ai da yo, ai", which we translated straight: "It's love. Love." It got adapted to, "He's in love alright." And when we read the final version we were like, "Nooooo! It should be 'we do it out of love!'"...which would have worked so much better with Kyo's response. Alas.) Plus, we were such beginners back then. We know so much more now.

But most importantly, Tohru and her speech pattern. If we were to do it again, we'd want to make sure that it comes across that the way she talks is a little off, without need for a translation note. So we have some ideas as to how we would do that, which we would implement if we were to get a chance to redo this translation.

We would not change how we handled Akito (aside from "translating better in general"). Collapse ) If we were translating the series for a publisher that allows translation notes, you can bet we would have a note about that.

Well, it's all a nice dream, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Fruits Basket again, it being snack time, having most of our chores done, having a lot more experience in translation now, and getting to watch a couple of great episodes of Sailor Moon tonight (two of our favorites!).