October 9th, 2015


Last spurt!

This morning it seemed like work was deliberately trying to torment us. Last night, we had an email from a Kodansha editor in need of an interview translation for the Heroic Legend of Arslan. We didn't realize it at the time, but it was actually an interview of Hiromu Arakawa (manga artist for Arslan) and Nakaba Suzuki, the creator of The Seven Deadly Sins, which is the anime that has eluded us lo these many months. (Or weeks? Time is such a blur these days...) And of course we find this out the very day that, after all the time we've spent checking Netflix for this anime, Anime News Network reports that Netflix is finally listing the series for American viewers.

So here we are, chomping at the bit to go watch an anime today, but first we have to finish the work we already had slated for today, and now we have a rush project that's deliberately rubbing in our faces the fact that we can't just go binge watch the whole series right now. Sigh.

On the bright side, it was a pretty fun interview, and we hope Arslan readers will enjoy it. It was a little extra funny for us, because the idea behind it was that the Seven Deadly Sins anime was ending and Arslan was about to take its time slot. And we just watched the end of Arslan and are about to watch The Seven Deadly Sins! It's backwards!

And the money from the extra work will help us cover the limited edition video game we splurged on two days ago and buy a PS Vita to play it on! We're excited.

After we finished the interview, it was time to edit the last part of the last part of the script on the book that our project manager asked us to finish "as soon as possible" back in June...which actually isn't as long ago as we were afraid it was. I thought we'd been asked about that book back in May. So we're only four months late at most. But we finished it! And we turned it in!

And now...now... It's time for our vacation! Wooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

We're going to do our workout, then eat pizza, then start binge watching Seven Deadly Sins...after checking to see if we can watch the new Noragami! Oh man, this is so exciting.

Today I'm thankful for finishing all our work!!!!, getting to translate a fun interview, Seven Deadly Sins (reportedly) finally being available for legal viewing in the States, having a short workout today, and having a pizza for dinner!