October 8th, 2015


New temptations

We were pretty excited yesterday morning because we thought three days would be a pretty good amount of time with which to finish the one thing we have left to do before we can give ourselves a vacation. Then we checked our email. One of the agencies we translate video games for sometimes contacts us about little projects, like, for example, if an American game developer surveyed Japanese consumers, we would translate the answers, or sometimes it would be instructions for a website or something. And yesterday one of those little things came along. Unfortunately, it wasn't little enough to not take at least half the work day. Fortunately, it wasn't quite ready to be translated yet, so we emailed the agent saying we could do it and waited for a response.

...And then we went into escapism mode. I don't remember if it was an email that told us about it, or if we were at CD Japan because, as part of our escape, we decided to see if anyplace listed a release date for Kingdom Hearts 2.8, but one way or another, we discovered that CD Japan was having a clearance sale, and in a very deliberate act of escapism, we decided to browse all the products. ...Well, all the ones in anime, books, and video games. That last one is where we came across the biggest temptation.

Longtime readers may remember several years ago when we were obsessed with a video game called Zettai Meikyuu Grimm, or Labyrinth of Grimm. It's an otome game where all the potential love/friendship interests are fairy tale characters (or writers). It has a fun and unique (insofar as the fairy tale gimmick can be unique) twist on the idea and we enjoyed it immensely.

And while we were browsing CD Japan's clearance sale, we discovered something called Zettai Meikyuu no Oyayubihime, which we would translate as Labyrinth of Thumbelina. Oh my goodness, it's a Hans Christian Andersen version of Labyrinth of Grimm! We have to get it we have to we have to we HAVE TO!!!

...So we did. The end.

Not quite the end. We also looked around for some limited edition Noragami books that may have come with anime DVDs. They only have the volume eleven one, so we added that to our order. What we did not add to our order was a PS Vita. We realized at checkout that Labyrinth of Thumbelina is for PS Vita, and we only have a PSP. But that's okay, because it will be ages before we have time to play it anyway. First, we have to finish Persona Q, then finish it again for the P4 side, and we also have to finish Devil Survivor, and it would be nice to play Persona 3 and Persona 4, and of course, we also have to finish playing the last game we got from the creators of Labyrinth of Grimm, Something Something Mysteria. ...I'm sure we'll work it all out eventually.

In the meantime, the extra happy bonus ending of this story is that when we checked our email this morning, we had a response from the translation agent informing us that someone else had already accepted the project and we were off the hook! Woohoo! (She also said she'll consider us first for the next thing that comes along (aw, thanks, but that's okay, really), because she's heard nothing but good things about us (awwwww!).) And now we're on track to finish the current project and take all of next week off! Maybe we'll actually make some headway in that long list of video games. (It would also be nice to get back to Final Fantasy XIII-2 someday, get through all the Kingdom Hearts I.5 and II.5 sidequests, and seriously we need to get a PS4 so we can play Type-0! Type-000000000!)

Today I'm thankful for having lots of shiny games to look forward to (it's exciting as long as I don't get too impatient), the yummy snack mix we got to try today (toffee peanuts and half-popped popcorn!), the universe conspiring to show us the existence of Labyrinth of Thumbelina (we got the limited edition for 20% off!), making decent progress on work today, and the thought of sleeping in this weekend.