October 7th, 2015


Big Hero 6, volume 2

Another slightly long work day in the name of having no work next week. Here's hoping the rush job that got brought up today isn't going to take very long.

In the meantime, it's Review Rednesday! And even though it's been out for more than two weeks, we have yet to even mention the bestselling manga we translated, Big Hero 6! This time it's volume two, and the conclusion of the alternate universe telling of the story! Spoiler alert: Dude, it's the last volume. (I should probably also mention that there are spoilers for the movie, but who hasn't seen the movie yet lys?)

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Today I'm thankful for our NatureBox arriving today (we're trying a new thing for snack time), Page just walking in and getting settled on the floor like she was there the whole time, getting to translate the Big Hero 6 manga, finishing our first draft of the thing we were working on today, and manga that doesn't insist on have detailed maps in every chapter.