October 5th, 2015



Oh man, things just keep taking longer than we want them to. We have two things that we want to finish this week, and if successful, we should be able to take all of next week off! We're pretty excited about it, but there is one potential wrench that could be thrown into the works and disrupt our plan. Last week Gaston called and said he wanted to come to Disneyland this week. Are you kidding me!? You were just here! So we told him we might be too busy and we didn't want to commit...and then he didn't call back for a while after that (we thought he might want to come today, since he's been keeping an eye on the weather and today is when it was looking to be coolest; the summer, it never ends).

And then we were kind of disappointed, because we actually did want to go to Disneyland. Clearly we're the ones with a problem. But Gaston did call back today, and I thought it would be best to be direct and communicate, so I told him just what I said in the second sentence above, adding that we would take that week to do all the things we haven't been able to do because we're so dang busy all the time. I'm not sure how that went over, because just as I finished, Mom called, and I didn't want to let it go to voice mail because Mom got some bad news today and we wanted to be available if she needed more support. (Don't worry, it's not life threatening. Just very bummerful news for Mom.)

And in the meantime, this Ice Reaper translation took longer than we hoped. We tend to get overly optimistic when actiony fantasy series come along. We're always like, "We can finish a rough draft in three hours, right?" and then it ends up taking five. Which is really not that long, but we're trying to get things done quickly here.

But the important thing is this: yesterday the Kodansha USA Facebook page mentioned that they have the editor of Noragami coming to New York Comic-Con, and he'll be signing autographs and they'll be giving out fancy Noragami art cards (that are very pretty with Yato and Bishamon wearing her old Saber-type armor), and we were sooooo jelly. Also, he'd be demonstrating his editing process at their Noragami panel (Noragami panel!!!) with an UNRELEASED chapter of Noragami (which we're actually totally okay with missing because we don't like spoilers, but on the other hand usually when Japan does things like this they're pretty good about spoilers), and we're a little bummed about missing that, but not bummed enough to try to get to New York City on such short notice.

Anyway, the point is, we figured maybe we can't go to the convention, but we're friends with the Kodansha editors, and they did send us those cute little foam gavels they were giving away when they did the Ace Attorney manga, and we are the translators on the series, so maybe if we just asked nicely they would send us an autographed art card. So we asked, and our editor said sure! Yaaaay!

Of course, it didn't come without its risks. We knew that reminding our editor of our existence would also remind him that he has deadlines, which means we have deadlines. And so the next volume of Noragami and the next volume of Devil Survivor have now been penciled in on our calendar (by which I mean we've made a mental note but we're not going to add anything to our actual calendar until we have official dates). On the bright side, based on when he needs them by, there's a good chance this won't cut into our vacation time!

Today I'm thankful for getting our rough draft done today, our editor agreeing to send us a signed art card, remembering the foam Ace Attorney gavels (I wonder where ours are...), finally getting the ink we ordered lo these many days hence (both packages, even the one we got refunded! I guess somebody cracked down on that delivery person), and the lovely cool weather we had today. Oh! And getting more comp copies! There was a volume of Missions! Ah, the memories... (That series still isn't over, at least not as far as our translating it is concerned, but it's been slowed down so much that we haven't touched it in months and months...)